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Dear Cardi B

Michelle Obama is legendary.

Beyonce it lit.

Cardi B is magic.

Let’s keep it real. Most women will never be the First Lady or sell out arenas with the sweet melody of our voices. Feminism is a spectrum and that spectrum just introduced Cardi B, a stripper turned reality TV star turned rapper, a true rags to riches story that has us screaming “Yaaaaaaas” every time we listen to the radio or read a blog citing yet another milestone she’s accomplished.

Who knew the IG celebrity with the unique voice and scandalous lifestyle would be topping charts in 2017 breaking records that seasoned veterans could only wish for.

Rap is ruled by the South, and Drake.

Yet 2017 is the year of Cardi B and her chart banger Bodak Yellow is kicking down doors for the young femcee.

Cardi is a hustler, mover, shaker, influencer and the walking personification of an unscripted brand.

The South Bronx created Hip Hop and Cardi is carrying the torch.

She is living proof that that you don’t need to be conventional to make it as a black woman. She isn’t Ivy League educated, she went to a CUNY. She went from working in an Amish Market to a strip club, to a reality t.v star to the legend you see today.

She is THE stand out persona on Mona Scott Young’s Love and Hip New York where talent is low, and drama is high.

Yet, she managed to be a regular degular shmegular girl from the South Bronx breaking out of reality tv onto the silver screen, being featured on unmelanated shows like The Doctors and breaking records no one expected.

Let’s be clear. Cardi is magic because all the odds were stacked against her and she made it because she believed in herself and put family first. Her bottom of the barrel humble beginnings don’t hold a candle to the path she’s blazed and the woman she is now.

As a foster child growing up between the South Bronx and Harlem, I look up to Cardi B more than Beyonce and Michelle Obama combined. As a college graduate with real roots to the hood, Cardi taught me life lessons. #CardiTaughtMe to be myself. I can be real AND make money moves.

Cardi inspires a whole generation of thots and college graduates alike.

Cardi is feminism personified.

Cardi, we salute you encouraging real women to be real. Our pasts don’t define us.

Understand you have a whole generation of young women looking up to you.








Play chess.

Never checkers.

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