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Back for retribution, Lance Gross (Dutch) and Rocsi Diaz (Angel) stars in new BET+ urban thriller, Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge.

Based on the award winning novel written by Teri Woods and directed by Salvatore Sclafani, the movie premiered January 18th on BET+.

Film Synopsis 

Dutch II takes place three years after the notorious gangster Dutch (Lance Gross) escapes from jail. Now, with Angel (Rocsi Diaz), Dutch and the rest of his crew must band together to gain back their territory, defeat the evil Roll (Jamal “Gravy” Woolard), and outsmart the FBI agents who are frantically trying to capture them. Along with Gross and Diaz, the film also stars Markice Moore (BMF, Snowfall) as “Zoom,” Jamal Woolard (Notorious) as “Roll” and Grammy award-winning singer Macy Gray rounds out the cast as “Delores Murphy.”

When speaking with the cast about their on set chemistry, Lance Gross (Dutch) describes it as “easy and fun because the entire cast feeds off each other in scenes.” Lance in the role of “Dutch” is really convincing as a drug lord who seeks revenge alongside his partner, Rocsi Diaz (Angel). The duo has incredible on set chemistry that makes this story easily to pick up from where it first left off in the first Dutch film.

With talent such as Jamal “Gravy” Woolard and Markice Moore, the story of Dutch II is given real life nuances as both men are spectacular at delivering in urban thrillers. The grit and wittiness of the storyline along with the actors all bridging their craft together, creates another masterpiece of dramatic storytelling from Teri Woods.

If you are a fan of crime thrillers such as the original Dutch, then you don’t want to miss out on Dutch II. Head over to BET+ to watch Lance Gross step back into his role as “Dutch”, now!

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