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Chef Kelli Potter-Ferrell

The esteemed Chef behind Kooking with Kelli orchestrated a truly remarkable double debut launch party. Beyond mere jubilation for the arrival of her three thrilling new products created for her brand (Kooking with Kelli Kajun grits, opulent 24k Magik maple syrup with golden flakes, and the authentic Nana’s Chicken-n-Waffle mix), the event also heralded the revelation of her captivating feature on the esteemed Hype Hair magazine cover.

The night in Midtown Atlanta was truly spectacular. Influencers, food enthusiasts, and fashionistas flocked to the boutique owned by none other than Shad Moss, Atlanta’s beloved actor and rap artist. The guests were in for a treat as they indulged in the first public tasting of the exquisite 24k Magik maple syrup.

The air was filled with excitement as they also relished the light and fluffy Nana’s Chicken-n-Waffle Original waffle mix. The packaging of these delights was elegantly designed, reminding everyone that good things come in beautiful packages. It was an evening of pure enchantment.

To complement the delectable treats, Nana’s Food truck confidently parked just outside. The servers confidently provided impeccable customer service as they confidently served mouthwatering food to the attendees. The fashion garment display table confidently transformed into a TC Craft Tequila Bar, where guests confidently enjoyed complimentary samples.

Countless longtime friends, staunch supporters, and special invitees of Kooking with Kelli confidently raised their tiny blue tequila branded cups to confidently toast to her success. Lia Dias, the fourth-generation owner of Hype Hair magazine, confidently joined in the celebration.

This is an incredibly special moment for me. I can’t even express how deeply personal it feels. I have an unwavering belief in the importance of creating generational wealth, because that’s what I’ve seen firsthand. Tonight, as we celebrate Kelli and pay tribute to her and her amazing daughters on this magazine cover, it holds a profound significance. Witnessing a woman of color like Kelli thriving independently is not just inspiring, but it ignites a fire within,” Lia Dias -CEO of Hype Hair Magazine

Both Kelli and Lia share the same passionate pursuit of success as business owners, and they are dedicated to supporting and empowering black women on their own unique paths. This is especially impactful as they navigate their lives after divorce. Let this serve as a beacon of hope and motivation for all who dare to dream.

(l-r) Chloe, Kelli, Gigi(mom), Chance, Twins Chastiti and Chelsi – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

Kelli’s mother, Gigi, and her four daughters embody the remarkable essence of three generations of fiercely talented women who passionately oversee their very own restaurant in the lively heart of Atlanta’s vibrant Black Mecca, nestled within the suburbs of McDonough, GA. Even though Nana couldn’t grace the event with her presence as it was past her bedtime, the sheer radiance of joy that emanated from the faces of Kelli’s four daughters left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

The Kooking with Kelli cookbooks were highly sought-after items during the event, leaving no doubt about their popularity. Chef Kelli’s overwhelming gratitude brought tears to her eyes as she graciously thanked everyone for their unwavering support. Special recognition was given to her college friend, Derek J, a renowned and award-winning hairstylist, and Erica Barrett, the proud owner of over 70 restaurants, including the renowned DoughBoy Pizza franchise. Erica not only distributes Kelli’s three new products but also played a crucial role in their impeccable packaging.

Chef Kelli Potter-Ferrell

“The past two years have been a tremendous test of my resilience. Going through a divorce is never a walk in the park. Nevertheless, I hold my head high with immense pride as I single-handedly raise my four daughters. By demonstrating my relentless drive, I instill in them the belief that they can conquer any challenge. Teaching them about entrepreneurship and the significance of independence is one of the most valuable lessons I can impart, alongside my unwavering love,” – Chef Kelli Potter-Ferrell

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