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You People movie review

Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jonah Hill, and Lauren London star in Kenya Barris’ latest movie, “You People,” which focuses on the cultural dynamics between Black and Jewish families.

The Blackish creator, Barris, 48, co-wrote the upcoming Netflix movie with Hill, 38. In the film, Ezra Cohen (Hill) is trying his best to prove that he is worthy of Amira’s (London) hand in marriage. Unfortunately, the task turns out to be harder than expected. In the trailer, a nervous Ezra seems to say all the wrong things while meeting with Amira’s parents (Murphy and Long).


You-People-Lauren London-Jonah Hill
You People starring Lauren London and Jonah Hill, photo credit: IMBD


In one clip, he states, “If Amira and I had a baby, it would be a really nice baby. Mixed race people are awesome. We have Mariah, Derek Jeter, and of course the GOAT…Malcolm X.”

Later in the reel, Amira’s mom and dad, who appear to be pro-black, question Ezra’s intentions with their daughter.

Murphy’s character sternly asks him, “So, do you hang out in the hood all the time, or do you just come up here for our food and women?” His onscreen wife (Long) echoes the sentiment by saying, “It’s a valid question.”


Jonah Hill-Eddie Murphy-Nia Long
Netflix You People, Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Nia Long

This hilarious meeting is the focus of the teaser. Although several funny, awkward moments are likely to follow, especially between Amira and Ezra’s parents. His mom and dad are played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) and David Duchovny (X-Files). Also appearing in the movie are Mike Epps, Alani “La La” Anthony, Deon Cole, and Sam Jay.


You People-Julia Louis-Dreyfus-David Duchovny
You People stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny, photo credit IMBD

The release of You People comes at a pivotal time when conversations surrounding black and Jewish communities are somewhat intense. The pot was ultimately stirred by rapper Kanye West‘s provocative rants about race and culture. Several of his controversial remarks were deemed antisemitic. Consequently, West lost lucrative deals with Adidas and Balenciaga due to his loose lips, knocking him from his billionaire status. At the same time, the 45-year-old sparked a firestorm of debates amongst the black and Jewish communities, the primary targets of his criticism.

So, can You People help ease a bit of the tension? Long believes so. The actress said, “Right now, there’s a lot of talk about antisemitism and the Jewish religion experience, and this film explores the difference between Blacks and Jews in a very funny freaking way. Hopefully we can find the funny in our differences, and appreciation and respect for our differences, for a better understanding.”

Actress Nia Long, courtesy of her Instagram Page

The 52-year-old Best Man star went on to praise Barris’ comedic approach to addressing sensitive topics related to culture and race. She stated, “I really think that what [Barris] does for Black people in this industry is cutting-edge. It’s perfectly inappropriate. It makes you think, it makes you laugh. It makes you go, ‘This guy is crazy.’ But the crazy is where we find the truth, and I respect him for that.”


‘You People’ Fan Reactions

The film will debut on Netflix on January 27. Meanwhile, those familiar with “Black-ish” and spinoffs shows seem displeased about the movie’s theme, accusing Barris of regurgitating stories about bi-racial families like his own.



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