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Celebrity Talent Manager Kendrick Daniel and Publicist Nikko Too Good Unite for a Game-Changing Book Tour

 April 13, 2024- Talent manager and author Kendrick Daniel kick off his multi city and country book tour. Daniel had accepted the offer to partner up with celebrity publicist Nikko Too Good with Nikko’s B.A.M (Black Authors Matter) Tour. The BAM tour is one of many for Mr. Daniel as he recently released his book, ‘They Want My Story, But They Don’t Want My Fight’, a autobiography which highlights Daniel’s journey through the entertainment industry.

The tour is set to take place in multiple cities and various dates and promises to have a remarkable turn out.

About Kendrick- Kendrick Daniel originally born and raised in the small town of Summerville, GA was a person destined for greatness from the start. At a young age Kendrick knew that he would always have a story to tell, and the world was going to know his name. Seemingly Kendrick made the best of his traumatic childhood and knew that one day he was going to be provided a method of escape that would lead him to a successful and fruitful future.

As Kendrick grew up he looked up to several people that lived a lifestyle that he knew he would some day live. Influences such as Spike Lee, John Singleton, Tyler Perry, Ryan Coogler, The Wayans Brothers, Will Smith, Kayne West, and so many more. With this notable list of influences, it’s no surprise that Kendrick had hopes of entering the field of film, production, and more. In 2004 Mr. Daniel’s received his first big break of many to come in the film, “Warm Springs”. Over the years Kendrick dedicated his time to perfecting his craft and expanding his talent as a manager with an extensive celebrity client roster. A roster that included Saucy Santana, Yovanna Momplaisir, Margaret Avery, Giorgio Vango, and many other notable clients in the industry. Nonetheless Kendrick quickly learned to trust his instincts because the underdogs always come out on top.

About the book- This book details my journey of survival, a story of grace, and God keeping me to fulfil the purpose he created me for. My life has been a mishmash of turbulence, joy, pain, sadness, tears, cheers, big wins, and downtrodden defeated moments and times when it seemed like I was insane. From my childhood days, I was introduced to the bitter world of pain via a molestation act that left me devastated and traumatized for years. Being born to parents who weren’t mature yet for parenting also had consequences on my upbringing. I lacked guidance and direction, and it showed in different ways. It got worse because one of my parents was high on life and partnered with my uncle to expose me to a life of alcohol. Booze was the order of the day, and parties, a recurring decimal in the digits that defined the time of our lives as the clock ticked. My pain was just like the bottles that produced the alcoholic drink we consumed, only differing in the sense that I bottled up instead of letting it out. If I felt things were going wrong, I bottled it. I was abused, I bottled it.

There was no point opening up anyway because the carpet is always there to absorb them – everything considered inconsequential gets swept under it. I had a big family, several grandparents, brothers, sisters, and step-siblings, and one would wonder why I went through some of the travails with all of these people in my life. That’s the irony of life – you can be crowded and still be alone, dying even, and nobody will bat an eyelid. There were proud moments for me, thanks to the talent God gave me as a kid. There were big wins too, thanks to God again, and my hard work. But I went through hell and returned, navigated life-threatening situations and triumphed, walked with God, and He gave me a second chance. I chronicled my experiences in this book not to spite anyone or ruffle feathers, but to encourage every reader that there is hope in times of despair. The light at the end of the tunnel is not a myth, I met mine, and it shone brightly. God has a purpose for everyone and won’t let you disappear without fulfilling it. That’s my story, and I encourage you to grab popcorn and a comfortable seat, it’s going to be an interesting read.

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