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Burruss (Joan), Brely Evans (India) , AJ Johnson (Alafia) and Tami Roman (Tracy)  star in ‘Whatever it Takes’ on the BET + network. The storyline takes us down relationship row as we watch 3 women navigate through the love life challenges that happen to many couples which definitely makes the storylines relatable.

AJ Johnson plays the character of Alafia who’s a spiritual advisor trying to help the girls navigate through their troubles. This isn’t far off from the life coach AJ Johnson we know that’s constantly giving advice to others on her social media pages.

Kudos to our friend of Upscale Magazine Tami Roman who is not only a lead in this BET+ original movie but also served as one of the Executive Producers. Roman was taking for granted her live-in boyfriend because she thought he was taking her for granted. Meanwhile she was cheating with Samaad played by Steve “Shakesphere” Baggs.

In the midst of navigating careers, life and the nuances of friendship, these four women bond over the imperfections in their love lives. The holidays seem like the perfect time for them to bring some of them their greatest wishes and others their most profound losses.

In our interview Kandi breaks down the boundaries she has in real life. Burruss also explains what’s happening with her character as she discovers her best friend is dating her son. Her ex-husband turned fiancé hasn’t proved he could still be trusted.

Tune in to BET+ and enjoy all their original new movies and television series shows.

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