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Judge Lynn Toler and Eric _Big E_ Mumford

‘Marriage Bootcamp’ co-host Judge Lynn Toler continues to spread love and hope for the new year despite losing her husband on Dec. 23. Toler revealed to her Instagram followers that Eric “Big E” Mumford passed away. He was 71 years old. It was a sudden end to their 32-year marriage. In a post seven days after Mumford’s death, the TV star posted a photo of the pair set to Anita Baker’s 1986 hit “Sweet Love”.

As condolences and messages poured in over the following days, Toler thanked her supporters. Also, amid her own grief, the author offered this message on New Year’s Eve:

Days Following Toler’s Loss

Toler has since posted comedic videos and talked about the challenges she’s faced since losing her husband. In one video, Toler expressed that she wished that they had grown “old and ridiculous.” There is another one where she spoke of having a “tough moment”. In her latest one, she uploaded a clip from her previous appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club’. She describes the former “Commit or Quit” host talking about their dynamic:

Toler and Mumford’s Marriage 

The love story between Toler and Mumford began in 1986. After three years of dating, the two married during their lunch break in a courthouse. During their three-decade union, Mumford and Toler had two children. This made six kids for the couple. Mumford had four children from a prior marriage.

Over the years, the 63-year-old opened up about their highs and lows especially around the 19-year mark. In a 2012 opinion piece in HuffPost, she admitted that the 19-year mark was tough. The author said they were “barely speaking”. He seemed unhappy and she saw him as a “jerk, a man who cared nothing about her needs”. She went on to say that “he was all day, every day angry and I had lost all confidence in my home”. However, an “aha moment” on her hit show “Divorce Court” saved her marriage. Toler said over an 18-month period they were able to work their way back to love. They were able to overcome their issues and stay together until Mumford’s death.

Upscale sends its condolences to the Mumford/Toler family.

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