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James Worthy: The Man Behind Humble Sound Records, & More

​From decades in the music industry from writing for some of your favorite legends; music artist and producer James Worthy is setting himself apart from the rest by creating unique sounds and lyrical imagery. Constantly reinventing himself and his sounds, this trendsetter continues to astound and amaze as he evolves and surpasses even his own understanding. This well sought after writer/ producer has had scores in some of your favorite movie scenes and more. Recently James Worthy sat down with Upscale Magazine to discuss his new music and just what has kept him motivated and going strong in the industry.

UPSCALE: What made you decide to transition from producer/songwriter to artist?

JAMES WORTHY: Artistry has always been part of my journey, and story. I’ve learned early in this business that things are in the right timing most times. I began my career as a writer, and musician to set up for what was next to come, and here we are. Artistry is another way for me to express myself creatively as well through song. I’m blessed that people enjoy it as much as I do.

UPSCALE: When you think about your sound, your artistry, what would you classify your genre as?

JAMES WORTHY: Most would classify it as R&B/Soul, but I am more of a worldy artist meaning that I can do multiple styles or genres which gives me room to create how I would want. To classify that would maybe fall under Urban Pop if I had to label it.

UPSCALE: You’ve been able to write for and work with some notable artists and legends. What has been your most memorable collaboration?

JAMES WORTHY: That’s always difficult to say, because most of them were different within different times of my life. However, working with artists like 112, J. Holiday, Bobby Brown, Goodie Mob, etc. have been great to say the least.

UPSCALE: Reflecting on your growth thus far, what has been the most challenging thing you’ve had to overcome and what did that look like for you?

JAMES WORTHY: I think anyone in the entertainment business has to endure highs, and lows of uncertainty when things don’t go to plan or if opportunities don’t come. I’ve always been one to make my own opportunities which has afforded me so many blessings along the way. Also learning not to worry about what everyone thinks of your art. You must love it before anyone else does.

UPSCALE: Who were some of your musical influences and why?

JAMES WORTHY: That’s a long list, but off the top: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Nile Rodgers, A Tribe Called Quest, Whodini, Kanye West, and many others. They all have similar things in common which are they did not sound the same. They’ve all brought signature, and groundbreaking art to the industry.

UPSCALE: Music is ever evolving and beats and sounds change in the norm. Where do you hope to take your music within the next 5 years?

JAMES WORTHY: We are in a very experimental time in music to where you don’t know where it’s going to go next. In my opinion I plan to continue focusing on great topics, and concepts per each song that can relate to the public. That’s what makes a great song long lasting.

UPSCALE: You wear many hats and that can be draining at times. Tell the readers what does James Worthy do to unwind?

JAMES WORTHY: Yes, I do, typically these days I have not had the luxury of unwinding, but James does enjoy a nice glass of whiskey, and smooth R&B overlooking a beautiful skyline.

UPSCALE: You’ve been dropping new music and making sure to stay relevant. What are your promotional plans for your new music? What’s next for James Worthy?

JAMES WORTHY: Yes, I have recently released my latest single “Your Heart” which is available on all platforms through my label imprint Humble Sound Records. We plan to release my next EP between July-August on the label. Stay tuned for that!

​New music, new visuals, and we love to see it. Often artists come into the industry and some now are just here because of a catchy soundbite on social media. James Worthy keeps trending and proves that he is more than a catchy hook and he has given us every indication that he knows just what he is doing in this industry and for that we commend him. His sounds, his trends, his authenticity, and his entrepreneurship, keeps the spirit of hip-hop and R & B alive. Make sure to check him out and make sure to follow him and keep showing love and support.

More information about James Worthy, and the single can be found on his platform below.



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