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Ivy By the Lake: A Culinary Haven with a Lakeside View

Nestled in the heart of Sterling, Virginia, Ivy By the Lake stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to community. This upscale and sophisticated restaurant, offering fine dining and bottomless mimosas, has become a beacon of culinary excellence with its stunning views of the lake.

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Every second Sunday of the month, Ivy By the Lake transforms into a time capsule, taking patrons on a nostalgic journey with its 80s and 90s themed brunch parties. The atmosphere is one of a kind, creating an experience that marries exquisite cuisine with a lively ambiance.


At the helm of Ivy By the Lake is Mr. Wais Shoja, a visionary entrepreneur with a rich background in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Raised by Afghan refugee parents who laid the foundation for their family’s first restaurant in the 1980s, Wais journey into entrepreneurship began at a young age. Actively involved in the family-operated chain of 16 restaurants, Grill Kabob, since the age of 13, he diversified into various business ventures, including hospitality and commercial real estate.


In his own words, Wais shares, “Entrepreneurship has always been integral to my life.” His upbringing shows a family deeply rooted in the restaurant business made entrepreneurship second nature. The inspiration to open Ivy By the Lake emerged from a desire to offer something distinctive to the community. ‘ Wais vision was to create an atmosphere that seamlessly blended chef-curated dishes and cocktails for dinner, evolving into an upscale nightlife scene—a touch of DC in Loudoun County.


Recognizing the importance of community support for local businesses, Wais believes in a reciprocal relationship. “Giving back to the community by supporting local vendors and businesses creates a positive, full-circle impact,” he emphasizes.


Wais’s commitment to community engagement was evident when approached by Mrs. Jai Ellis to host a community event on entrepreneurship and balancing family. This event, which also featured a cover reveal for ELLIS JAI a men’s grooming line in Upscale magazine.   Mrs. LaTocha Scott Xscape (group)event production and top-notch entertainment specialist.   LaTocha’s expertise in social events hosted an affair that blended class with loads of fun throughout the entire event. The collaboration between Wais, and his dedicated staff, District Manager AK, and promoter Travis Knight turned the event into a resounding success—a true one of a kind special occasion. Ivy By the Lake can enhance your décor and dazzle with its large windows and mirrored silhouette bar and outdoor private space. 


Ivy By the Lake is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination where culinary excellence meets excellent taste and presentation. Wais passion for entrepreneurship and community engagement has created a space that goes beyond dining, offering an experience that resonates with the spirit of Sterling, Virginia.  From modern seating which creates an inviting atmosphere to the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences with local inspired dishes. Come sip on bottomless mimosas, and soak in the breathtaking views, Ivy By the Lake invites you to be part of a culinary journey that feels like home. 

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Article written by A. Jackson

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