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The Springfest Fashion Show at Howard University, held in Cramton Auditorium and themed “Appetence,” was a profound testament to the university’s vibrant spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence. Hosted by the Howard University Undergraduate Student Assembly (UGSA) and bolstered by sponsors like Kaleidoscope, Mielle, and Strut Models, this event served as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the fashion realm. As a beloved tradition at Howard, Springfest epitomizes the essence of student-led initiatives, showcasing the campus’s dynamic energy and fervent dedication to artistic expression.
Model spotlight on Laila Garba wearing designer Faridah Mustapha. Photo credit: IG: @mo.mentvisuals. Captured by Simone Thompson.
The Springfest Fashion Show exuded prestige, boasting a diverse mix of esteemed attendees: Gwynnis Mosby, renowned celebrity makeup artist and owner of GMMA; stylist/designer Cicely Ryan; MAC representative and Howard alumna, Khalea Underwood; Shaw Bernard, owner of Strut Models; Jessica Dupart, owner of Kaleidoscope and TV personality; and Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds, senior fashion editor at Upscale Magazine. Spearheaded by Howard student and Chairwoman Serenity Owens and co-chair Valencia Pizzini, the event left a mark in fashion history, showcasing Howard’s profound impact in the industry.
From left to right, the celebrity judges included Cicely Ryan (stylist/designer), Shaw Bernard (owner of Strut Models), Gwynnis Mosby (celebrity makeup artist), Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds (senior fashion editor at Upscale), and the owner of Kaleidoscope and TV personality, Jessica Dupart.

Undoubtedly, a highlight of the evening was “The Fashion/Model Strut” runway show, curated with precision by Serenity Owens and the Howard University Undergraduate Student Assembly (UGSA). Guests were mesmerized by an enchanting display of avant-garde designs, seamlessly marrying artistic expression with sartorial brilliance. Here’s the video recap of the Springfest Fashion Show, showcasing scenes like “Appetence,” “Innocence,” and “Fraudulence”!

From the moment the models stepped onto the stage, the theme of the evening, “Appetence,” permeated the atmosphere. Segmented into Innocence, Fraudulence, and Appetence, the show delved deep into the raw emotions and boundless creativity of each stage. Here are some standout snapshots from the runway! What do you think? They really owned the runway.

Model highlight: Maya Flowers showcasing designer Darian Clyburn’s creation styled by Kierstyn Price. Photo credit: IG: @mo.mentvisuals. Captured by Simone Thompson.
Model spotlight: Jade Brooks presenting designer Faridah Mustapha’s masterpiece, with makeup by Stephanie Parkinson and hair styled by Abigail Aboah, under the direction of Douyana Bloomfield. Photo credit: Taylor Betton—IG: @tays.visuals
Model spotlight: Jalen Gunter showcasing designer Darian Clyburn’s masterpiece, styled by Kadijah Kargbo and with makeup by Onyinyechuku Igheghe. Photo credit: IG: @mo.mentvisuals. Captured by Simone Thompson.
Model spotlight: Nashwa Seliman adorned in designer Joyce Imadonmwinyi’s creation, styled by Faridah. Photo credit: Beatrice—IG: @beaologie
Model spotlight: Kadarius McNair donning designer Faridah’s creation, styled by Nneoma Okocha. Photo credit: IG: @mo.mentvisuals, Photography by Simone Thompson.
Model spotlight: Kinshasa Giani flaunting designer Danielle Glace’s creation, with hair styled by Douyana Bloomfield. Photo credit: Taylor Betton—IG: @tays.visuals.
Model spotlight: Kobe Kegler styled by Lauryn Mwaura. Photo credit: Brock Boyd – @fivetoinfinity

Concluding with “Appetence,” the show reached a mesmerizing finale with shimmering gold accents and tasteful experimentation. This segment struck a harmonious balance between light and dark, showcasing a blend of innocence and fraudulence. Accessories took center stage, subtly revealing skin and adding depth to the collection.

Proprietor of Strut Models, Shaw Bernard, and Chairwoman Serenity Owens. Photo credit: IG: @mo.mentvisuals. Photography by Simone Thompson.
In the image, Bailey Flowers is seen receiving a surprise contract from Strut Models.

The culmination of the event saw Strut awarding a surprise contract to student Bailey Flowers, winner of the inaugural Strut the Yard competition, promising future captivating showcases at Springfest events.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation and inspiration as guests delved into a realm where creativity soared boundlessly. Howard University’s Springfest Fashion Show was a celebration of artistic expression’s transformative force, from avant-garde fashion to captivating model struts, igniting a spirit of change and innovation. As we bid farewell to this year’s remarkable showcase, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Howard for its hospitality and look forward with anticipation to attending next year’s event, eager to witness yet another display of creativity and ingenuity.

For more information about the Howard University Undergraduate Student Assembly (UGSA), follow their Instagram page@howardugsa.

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Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds Senior Fashion Editor, Upscale Magazine

Cover photo credits: Model – Fritz Julian Jean, Designer – Weslyn Harmon, Stylist – Joyce Imadonmwinyi, Makeup Artist – Mikayla Williams, Hair Stylist – Leah Amanuel. Photo credit: Simone Thompson, IG: @mo.mentvisuals.

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