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It’s that time of year when celebrations seem to be taking place everywhere. From baby and bridal showers to graduations and weddings, couples and party hosts are looking for ways to bring the “wow” factor to their affair. Bridal magazines and event planning websites are great for spotting the latest trends. However, when you want rich inspiration for something truly unique, you may find it where you least expect!

(Cover Photo | RW Guild Tabletops |

Treatment on walls complement the furniture color palette in the La Mercerie dining room. Photo | La Mercerie @ RW Guild, NYC

Design Magazines

Architectural and interior design magazines are wonderful for sparking creativity that can translate into fresh ideas for your event. For instance, you may envision a beautiful seaside tabletop design after reading about this waterfront villa in Normandy:

 Photo | Amy Nuensinger |Architectural Digest |  

Above Photos: Genevieve Garruppo | Architectural Digest |

Window Displays

Store windows can get your creative juices flowing!

Altar’d State’s “Blooming Daydream” Spring Window! Photo | Altar’d State |


This window let passersby know that Pierre Hermé confections are now exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.  It also reveals a chic way to display desserts! Photo | Ronald Garland Murray

Photo of Bloomingdales window |

Interior Designer Charlotte Moss collaborated with AD to create this window for Neiman Marcus. |

Creating an “Experience” is What “wows” Your Guests

Your wedding or special event should be transportive for guests. The goal is to engage their senses and take them on a journey. Check out how these brands do it:  

Unexpected color palettes like this used in this Jo Malone fragrance campaign can give your party a sophisticated but whimsical feel! Photo | Jo Malone London




Bring Your Design Into Focus

Decide where your guests will be spending most of their time and make that your main focal point. This is especially important if you are working with a conservative budget. Don’t waste money in areas guests won’t utilize.

If guests will be spending most of their time sitting at a table, captivate them with a gorgeous tabletop design.  | Photo Peter Bohler Photography |

Do it!  And, do it again, and again…

If your theme is anchored in a color or a design motif, repeat those elements in your decor. Using flowers to build interest? Use them en masse. The same applies even if you are using budget friendly single-stems in bud vases. The goal is cohesion. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!


To celebrate Chrisitian Louboutin’s Hampton Pop-up, the brand hosted a gorgeous lawn party. The design motif on the table runners are also featured on the menu cards. These types of details make an event feel special! Photo | Haute Living |


Photo Haute Living |

The Black x White theme featured in the table is tied together with the rest of this room for this Jo Malone London perfume launch.   Photo |

The Philipp Plein x Snoop Dogg #PLEINDOGG launch was Golden! Photo | Philipp Plein |

Photo Philipp Plein |

Your Party Will Get “Lit” With Proper Lighting

Good lighting can turn a dungeon into a palace. It’s one of the most accessible ways to transform a space. Fluorescent and plain white lights kill the magic, instantly. No one wants to socialize or dance under harsh white lights.

If you don’t have access to dimmers, turn the lights off completely and place candles on the tables and around your space. (Use premium flameless candles if open flames are not permitted in your venue.)

Watch how gorgeous candle light plays up this intimate dinner party hosted by Athena Calderone in partnership with Mytheresa:

A candlelit room exudes warmth and ambiance. Note: LED lights that wash the room in color are great for taking your party into full-throttle. If you are in a larger venue that doesn’t have special lighting, hire a lighting specialist.

Make Sure Your Space Smells Lovely  

Roses, lilies, jasmine and hyacinth are very fragrant. Or you can use a diffuser to fill your space with a pretty scent. Be sure the scent is not too powerful or complex.

Photo | RW Guild

Simpler notes derived from nature are more tolerable for those who may be sensitive to scent. Thinks herbaceous, lemon, rose, mandarin… Tip: Never place scented candles on the tables where your guest will dine.

Set the Tempo with Music

From the moment your first guest arrives your space should be filled with song! (Whether you have a DJ, live entertainment or are streaming from your device.)

As the party builds, so should your music.