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Does your cabinet look like an aisle in the beauty supply store or better yet your favorite salon retail display?

Have you consumed almost every curl cream under the sun claiming to make those curls magically pop? The unreformed product snob in me has been guilty of this one too. It can be extremely daunting to figure out which products work well with your hair. Especially now that all of the corporate major brands have an interest in us curly girls. The confusion can get really real.

Here are a few things to consider before you go and consume hundreds of dollar on the next product that does this or that.

Consult with a Professional Licensed Stylist

Most stylist should have professional retail products they are using on clients in their salon for sale. Typically those products are industry standard and haven’t been diverted to your local retail chain stores discounted for $1.99. Purchasing from a trusted supplier will insure the shelf life of the product isn’t compromised.

Be Realistic About Your Hair Texture

One other thing to consider is “What do you want the product to actually do for your hair?” I encounter this a lot with my curly girls. They want to buy some mystical curl cream that will make their hair perform a certain way. In all actuality the texture or style they desire isn’t achievable for their own hair texture.

Be Consumer Savvy with Hair Product

We are always being sold to. Keep in mind to be consumer savvy with hair product. Consult with professionals in the industry about products that work for your hair type. The industry is always evolving and there are great products out on the market. Take one thing at a time.

Invest in industry standard shampoos and conditioners.

Start off with a non drying clarifier, followed by a treatment shampoo and lastly a hydrating conditioner. Those three things when used properly should settle down the average product savant. Then you can move on to styling products.