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HBCU Creative Cohort founder Willi Millions and Cohort members

Upscale Media Digital is excited to join other corporate media entities in the training and development of student interns involved with the HBCU Creative Cohort “The BLK Experience”. Upscale will give on-the-job exposure and opportunities to interns for written communication for Upscale’s print and online magazines. The Cohort is also helping develop student participants who are musical artists. They are assisting them with music video development, content creation, finance education, and more!

Today we are showcasing two musical artists who were introduced to us by the HBCU Creative Cohort.

Joya Bravo was a guest on a recent HBCU Creative Cohort “Cool Conversations” podcast. Check out her ultra creative vibe and performance  here.

Jay Cntry is a freshman. Check out his earthy cool performance here.

The HBCU Creative Cohort students are gaining and increasing their exposure to professional music production and performance. In doing so, they are creating videos of various forms with a balance of education and entertainment, financial literacy, and more. Using both written and video documentary as a storytelling medium, students are many other forms of progressive communication. Some include panel discussions, podcast seminars and a live video concert series to be hosted by LVRN, Cool Wrld, Who’s Driving Hip Hop and True Talent LLC.

HBCU Creative Cohort founder Willi Millions is very proud of the Cohort’s involvement with artists like Bravo and Cnty. He informs Upscale, “The Cohort is an exceptional scholarship and internship initiative, educating students in financial literacy, while influencing them to be creative change makers through content development and participation in the production of a national magazine and through live music experiences.”

The HBCU Creative Cohort “The BLK Experience” is a yearlong scholarship and internship initiative fueled by generous donations and the scholarship support of career professionals, businesses, and corporations. Through this partnership, students will access internship opportunities from the exposure fostered through the cohorts’ community partnership network.

The Cohort also kicked off its first podcast, Cool Conversations, this year. Continuing to expand on using creative media as a tool to connect a community, HBCU Creative Cohort students are gearing up to interview and document the success stories of influential entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and community leaders to provide content to be published in Upscale Magazine.

Progress and interest are increasing rapidly as more students show up weekly to get involved.

Upscale Magazine looks forward to its engagement with the HBCU Cohort interns and to the opportunity to sow into their success!

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