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Ok, so…Halloween and Thanksgiving are over. We’ve stored the costumes back in the closet and we’re now sitting around with our post-Thanksgiving bellies thinking about the next holiday on the calendar. Oh yes, it’s finally Christmas-time.

If you’re anything like me, you’re just now beginning to think of gifts. And let’s face it, the task never gets easier. Well, I’m here to help you check off at least one person from your list: The Cigar Lover.

Luckily for you, this is actually a very easy person to shop for. I’ll share with you a few gift ideas for any budget.

Under $50

Cigar Sampler

A sampler pack usually has around 5 or more different cigars in one bundle or box. This is a nice gift for an aficionado or HERficionado who enjoys a variety of cigars and is not brand-specific. Some sites have really great deals on these samplers so shop around a bit when searching.

Travel Humidor

A travel humidor is a small case that can hold 10-20 cigars, and is great for the traveler in your life who wants to take cigars with him on the road. It is airtight and humidified, so it keeps the cigars fresh. 


This gift is a bit tricky because some people are pretty specific with their preferred cut. It’s worth asking the next time you see him or her smoking. Casually ask a question about how they cut their cigars. They will either tell you they like a v-cut, punch, or guillotine (straight) cut. If you want to probe further, you may discover they like different cuts for different cigars. If this is the case, take note of the one they are carrying, and buy one of the others.


Travel Cigar Case

This is a MUST-HAVE for every sister and brother of the leaf. A travel case is typically leather or metal and comes in various colors. This is a perfect gift for someone who smokes socially and would like something small that holds 2-3 cigars, and he or she can put in a jacket pocket or in a purse.

Desktop Humidor

This gift is great for a beginner smoker, or someone who only needs a moderate amount of space for storage. Desktop humidors typically store 20, 50, or 100 cigars depending on the size.

Over $100

Torch Flame Lighter

Keep in mind that torches can be found at any price point, but one of the most annoying things for a cigar smoker is an unreliable lighter. The more pricey lighters typically are of a better quality and tend to last a bit longer. Even if the smoker in your life already owns a high-end lighter, two are certainly better than one.


This is for the aficionado in your life who means serious business when it comes to cigars. This person has over 100 cigars and needs a much larger container to store them in. A wineador is ultimately a standing wine cooler that is made for cigars. They typically store up to 400 cigars and are quite pleasing to the eye. This gift will brighten anyone’s day.

Sometimes we tend to overthink gift-giving because of the commercialization of holidays, birthdays, etc. The thought truly does count, so I am certain that the loved ones in your life will appreciate your thinking of them regardless of what you choose.

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