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Friends Til the End- “Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge”

Lifetime is bringing in 2024 with all the love and drama that one can manage. All those things would be nothing without a little bit of excitement, right? Single Black Female took the world by storm and now the cast is back to shake things about even more.  You may remember how the former besties left things off. Three years after escaping the dangerous trenches of her half-sister Monica (Raven Goodwin) is starting life over and attempting to move passed the trauma caused by Simone (Amber Riley). Seattle as the host of the city’s #1 primetime investigative television program. With her closest friend Bebe (K. Michelle) by her side and a new romance in the works, things could finally pan out the way that Monica has always wanted them to be.


Although in good spirits, Simone is suffering from amnesia however, she is building a new life when she comes across Monica on TV and a flood gate of memories resurface. A fateful reunion is on the brinks between the sisters. Can the two put the past behind them? Or will Simone’s need to get revenge win the day? Only time will tell what is in store for these two ladies.

Recently the cast connected in Atlanta, GA for a private screening and Upscale Magazine was on the scene. Gracing the red carpet was, Monica (Raven Goodwin), Simone (Amber Riley), Bebe (K. Michelle), and many more. The audience was left in awe. If you tune in to Lifetime now, you will find out just why. Do not forgot to follow, like, and share what your thoughts are on the film. Upscale readers are always the best so if you have an issue that you have experience, share your stories with us, we love to listen.

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  1. It was a MAJOR disappointment and I didn’t even have any expectations! I’m pretty easy to please! I don’t know where to start regarding this poorly poorly poorly written story. They didn’t even TRY with this one. If the idea was for a part 3, you failed too miserably at part 2 not just be written off altogether. It’s just a disappointment. See for yourself if you dare.

  2. Thank you for commenting on Upscales website and the Friends to the end – Single Black Female. Were you referring to the written article being poorly written or the actual movie script.

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