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“We are one no matter what we do” – WE ARE ONE

You know I think the sun rises and shines on you” – BEFORE I LET GO

We know the words and we know the artist. Frankie Beverly and Maze have been the voice of generations.  Their concerts are iconic gatherings where everyone, their mama, and their mama’s mama, sings along to every lyric. The impact of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s music on a global scale is immense. Their music embodies an optimistic view of life, often described as a spiritual personification of passion and music itself. Songs like “Before I Let Go,” now famously covered by Beyoncé, have become anthems at Black cookouts and parties, leaving a lasting imprint for generations to come.

Recently, after over half a century of defining the musical backdrop for Black America, R&B legends Frankie Beverly and Maze announced their final tour, titled the “I Wanna Thank You Farewell Tour.” The tour began on March 22 in Atlanta at the State Farm Arena, concluded in Los Angeles at the Kia Forum on May 12, and is now heading to New Orleans at the Smoothie King Arena. Following that, they will be in Washington, DC on June 14 and St. Louis on June 22, culminating where it all began in Philly on July 26 at The Dell Center in Philadelphia.

In a touching tribute, 77-year-old Beverly will return to his Philadelphia roots in July to have a street renamed in his honor. Reflecting on his journey, Beverly expressed deep gratitude for the loyal fans who have supported the band from the start. After this tour, Beverly plans to retire, passing the lead vocalist role to Tony Lindsay, while Maze will continue performing as “Maze Honoring Frankie Beverly.”

The Legacy Begins

Frankie Beverly’s musical legacy traces back to his formation of the group “Raw Soul” in Philadelphia in 1970. His connection with soul legend Marvin Gaye led to the group’s name change to Frankie Beverly and Maze, under Gaye’s guidance.

From 1977 to 1993, Frankie Beverly and Maze dominated the music industry with hits like “Joy and Pain,” “Golden Time of Day,” “We Are One,” and the iconic “Before I Let Go.” Their music is deeply ingrained in Black culture, symbolizing unity and celebration.

Despite not releasing new music since 1993, Frankie Beverly and Maze’s popularity as a live act has soared. They join a rare category of artists like The Grateful Dead and Bruce Springsteen, known for their legendary live performances.

Frankie Beverly, often credited with writing all their hits, brings authenticity and passion to his craft. His music is a testament to love and community, resonating across generations.

As Frankie Beverly and Maze embark on their farewell tour, their impact on music and culture remains unparalleled, reflecting a genuine love for their fans and the timeless quality of their music.  Visit the official website for more information at Frankie Beverly And Maze.

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  1. Thank you for the memories Frankie and Maze, Beautiful write up and tribute Dr. Thatch and Upscale. Very well done.

  2. No way Frankie is 77 becaue that would make me….hmmm.

    We love and appreciate all the beautiful music over the years. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve the rest!!!!

    Love you Upscale!!!

  3. Wow, this is truly a nice article. Thank you Upscale for reporting on a LEGEND. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Beverly. We love you and the music you have provided us over the years.

    I wish I could be in Philly for the street renaming in your honor.

    Much Love

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