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I feel like every single person, no matter who they are, deserves to be remembered.

Life is a precious thing. The older we get, the more fragile we become in so many ways. I was at work when I heard about Kim Porter’s death. The news of her untimely passing made me stop. And grieve. She wasn’t a relative. Or friend. In every way possible, Kim was a stranger to me but her death felt so personal, and painful.

Kim Porter passed away on 11/15/2018 around noon in her home in California. She was only 47 years old. She leaves behind four children. Quincey, is her son with Al. B Sure, is 27. Christian Combs, 21. Her twin girls, 11 years old. Yes, she’s the ex of one of the most influential men in this country- but it’s not about that.

Her death was shocking. It caused me to be still and recognize my own mortality.

I grew up in New York. Diddy and Kim were like the Cosby’s to me. Unlike the Cosby’s, they weren’t a representation of what a perfect black family should be. Instead, they were the perfect representation of what black families around me really looked like. They were exciting to watch. Who wasn’t rooting for her.

Yes,they were imperfect.

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