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Native Detroiter and Forbes Under 30 listmaker, Danielle D. Hughes never had a mentor growing up. As a result, the now 27-year-old award-winning social entrepreneur nearly flunked out of high-school. 

For years, she would take that ‘below average’ mentality and let it spill into other areas of her life until she became fed up with her own poor choices. Danielle knew that she wanted to make a change so she began making her bed. The book, ‘Always Make Your Bed‘ which released on June 19th, explores the science behind having a routine and consistently doing the same things. AMYB is a practical resource for individuals ready to make a change, move forward, and maximize their impact throughout the marathon of life.

In this inspiring collection of compelling thoughts, Author and Chief Changemaker Danielle D. Hughes shares the wisdom, insight and strategies that catapulted her from least likely to succeed to the Forbes’ list. 
Hughes, who is now a full-time Dream Director to high school students in Detroit, is now paying it forward to 3 select graduating seniors from proceeds of the book. A portion of each copy sold will go towards the ‘David Jackson Scholarship for Emerging Leaders.’ A scholarship fund named in memory of her late Grandfather who championed education. The scholarships will serve as a monetary investment towards the scholastic or entrepreneurial endeavors of young people in Detroit. 

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