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For The Love Of Atlanta- R and B Icon Usher Receives The Phoenix Award



     Last Sunday the world watched R&B sensation Usher Raymond perform live in front of a massive audience during the Super Bowl’s halftime performance. After 100 performances in Las Vegas, this icon returned to Atlanta, GA on February 14th to receive the city’s highest award; The Phoenix Award. Upscale Magazine has a front row view for the historic marking moment.

     Not only did the handsome crooner receive the city’s most prestigious award, but an emblem in his honor was revealed courtesy of The Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame (BMEWOF) and Amazon Music. In attendance to show their support were Atlanta’s mayor  Andre Dickens (City of Atlanta) and music mogul and powerhouse, L.A. Reid. 

     In his heartfelt speech, Usher made mention of his birthplace Dallas, Texas as well as former hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Raymond stated that the music industry taught him a lot and he was deciding what to do next at just 45. Along with many thanks and warming mentions, Usher thanked his new bride, Jennifer Goicoechea. Raymond and Goicoechea recently tied the knot in Las Vegas shortly after his memorable performance at the Super Bowl.

   Upscale is so proud of Usher and all of his accomplishments. A Las Vegas residency, a Super Bowl performance, a new album, and a new bride all in the blink of an eye. Usher Raymond is truly the definition of “the sky is limitless”.  Make sure to check Usher’s new album “Coming Home”. 


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