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Do you get anxiety about the thought of letting go and trusting someone to do your hair? Well you’re not alone. Some women would rather “kitchen beautician” it, than visit a hairstylist. I have had many frustrated clients that have tried to build relationships with stylists that didn’t work out. When those relationships went south many clients were left with a big “now what”! So before you do your hair a terrible favor by not visiting a professional. Here are some things to consider when choosing a hair care specialist.

Go with a referral.

Especially a walking referral. You see a woman with a hair halo around her head curls bouncing and behaving. Don’t hesitate to ask where she gets her hair done. Practically all of my best clients were referrals. This way at least you get a view beforehand of the stylists work.

Do a little bit of research.

Now with social media so present in our daily lives this is a no brainer. Stylists whose work is visible online will showcase their clients with pictures, videos and even tutorials. You can actually see what kind of experience you may have before stepping foot in the salon. You may even gain a glimpse of what the stylist may specialize in and if they use professional products and tools. Pictures tell a story. So get to clicking.

Most of all, don’t sacrifice healthy hair care and end up with frizzy untrimmed ends. The worse thing you can do is wait until things get really hairy before you decide to go get hair help. Pardon the pun.

So, go grab that stylists number from the girl with the popping curls. Information is everywhere! Look on your favorite social sites. Looking for the right hairstylist may be as challenging as finding those right booty cuffing jeans.

With a little time and effort, you will eventually find the right match in hair curly girl heaven.

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