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Financial literacy is power.

Figuring out how to produce money is one thing, but investing it is another ball game and Dr. Jewel Tankard, Financial Expert and Investment Strategist, is here to show us how to hit homeruns.

The biggest lessons came for her at an early age from watching her parents who had it all, lost everything, and rebuilt from the ground up.

This savvy investment phenom dropped gems about the old rules and the new rules of money. Let’s be clear, saving money is a concept from our grandparent’s days. With banks offering 1% on savings accounts, the old ways simply don’t work anymore when building wealth.

According to Dr. Jewel, cryptocurrency is definitely a new way to financial freedom.

You reap financially what you sow and you can’t be afraid to invest.

Dr. Jewel pointed out there are people who have paid off houses, student loans and other debt from investing in cryptocurrency. Contrary to popular opinion, cryptocurrency is not a bubble and has produced more millionaires than any time in our history. She says even big banks are getting behind cryptocurrency because it has disrupted the industry, causing some banks to close their doors. Even banks have to learn the new rules of money.

Perhaps those banks can learn a thing or two at the first annual 2018 Millionairess Conference in Atlanta. Powerhouse hosts like Catherine Brewton, Keri Hilson, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes will share the keys to their financial success.

Dr. Jewel says you don’t have to be wealthy to invest. With just $50, she can show you how to lay a strong foundation into an investment strategy.


Come to the Millionairess Conference on January 20th, 2018 to learn to unleash your financial power and invest in your goals.

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