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Ceelo Green – Photo Credit David Allen

Ceelo Green hosted the 2024 RnB Soul Picnic presented by York Promotions on Mother’s Day. Reality star and actress Porsha Williams hosted the event on Saturday. DJ Envy, DJ Trauma, and more also joined in the festivities.


The heart of Atlanta’s Westside Park pulsed with soulful beats and vibrant energy as the 2024 RnB Soul Picnic unfolded over Mother’s Day weekend, May 11th to 12th. This year’s event, a celebration of R&B music, DJs, and a poignant platform for mental health awareness, drew over 10,000 enthusiasts who reveled in the R&B rhythms and meaningful messages.


With special guests host Porsha Williams (Saturday) and CeeLo Green – who also curated a set with his tour DJ, the RnB Soul Picnic delivered an unforgettable experience. With special sets by renowned DJs such as ATL’s own Bryan-Michael Cox, NYC’s own Kid Capri, the incomparable DJ Trauma (known for his collaborations with Dave Chappelle and his ties to CAU), DJ Envy from the Breakfast Club and more, attendees were treated to a diverse array of sounds that touched every decade of R&B.


DJs for the weekend included: Envy, Bryan-Michael Cox, Tephlon, Traci Steele, Mars, SNS, Stormy Monroe, DJ Nasty 305, Tron, Bowtie DJ, Queen of Spades, DSA, Kid Capri, Princess Cut, Trauma, Reese, PNut, Yung Fro, and J Smoov and over 30 food trucks. The Hibachi truck made a lot of noise.

The Director for the Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment at City of Atlanta Philana Williams was so estatic when she tasted the Hibachi food prepared by Chef Gilbert. “This is amazing, I didn’t realize I was such a fan of Hibachi style cooking until this weekend. I need the reciple to the sauce the vegetables were sauteed in! ” 

Beyond the music, the weekend served a higher purpose, shining a spotlight on mental health advocacy. Partnering with Shanti Das’s “Silence the Shame” and Dr. Marcus Green of New Beginnings Today, the RnB Soul Picnic aimed to destigmatize mental health issues and foster open conversations.

Kluster Radio Owner Captain Darrel also exclaimed, “now this is amazing, and I call myself a chef as well. I thought I was doing a lil something with my hibachi grill but now I know I need to go back to the drawing board. It was the Vegetable Delight sauteed in garlic buttern with the Lobster for me”

One of the highlights of the event was the generous contribution from York Promotions, who donated $5000 to Silence the Shame, further bolstering efforts to support mental health initiatives.

Photo Credit Dave Allen

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