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Under the expert curation of Rodney Powers and his dedicated team, the vision of FHNB Caribbean as the ultimate trade show for the global fashion, arts, and lifestyle industries materialized at The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in Barbados from May 7th to 9th, 2024. Boasting an extensive Marketplace Open to All, a thrilling FUSE Fashion Show, and insightful workshops, FHNB Caribbean stood as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, setting a new standard in the industry.

A standout feature of FHNB Caribbean was the Marketplace Open to All, offering attendees an immersive experience to discover an extensive range of fashion, arts, beauty, and lifestyle products. From exclusive Caribbean brands like Olaniyi, Cahlong, pinkberrikosmetique,, something samrah, handmade by kae, christique clothing, made to fit designs, Ti Kay Bouton, and many more, guests were treated to a diverse selection of offerings from both local and international vendors. From chic clothing and accessories to captivating artwork and beauty essentials, the marketplace offered something for everyone, showcasing the diverse talents and creativity of Caribbean artisans and entrepreneurs.

The FUSE Fashion Show was a mesmerizing display of style and sophistication, featuring collections from renowned designers and emerging talents alike.

FHNB Caribbean went beyond the glitz and glamour of the runway by hosting a series of workshops led by industry titans, enriching attendees with invaluable insights into the intricacies of the fashion, arts, and lifestyle sectors. These workshops covered a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from discussions on sustainability and diversity to hands-on sessions on design and branding. Here, participants had the exclusive opportunity to interact with industry leaders, gaining firsthand knowledge and expertise to elevate their craft.


FHNB Caribbean curated enlightening workshops led by industry leaders, covering essential aspects of fashion, arts, and lifestyle. Attendees engaged in discussions on sustainability, diversity, and design, guided by notable guest speakers including business & beauty mogul David Wongk, social media & fashion influencer Antonia Fifi, and Upscale’s senior fashion editor Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds. Their expertise left a lasting impact, enriching all fortunate enough to attend.

Guest speaker at FHNB Caribbean, business & beauty mogul David Wongk.
Guest speaker at FHNB Caribbean, social media and Fashion influencer Antonia FiFi.
Guest speaker at FHNB Caribbean. Courtney A. Hammonds, Upscale Magazine’s senior fashion editor

FHNB Caribbean transcended mere spectacle, emerging as a nexus for profound connections and transformative collaborations within the fashion and creative realms. Attendees were immersed in a wealth of networking opportunities, fostering the cultivation of invaluable partnerships and alliances poised to redefine the trajectory of Caribbean fashion and beyond.

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In conclusion, the success of FHNB Caribbean is a testament to the power of vision and execution. From the vibrant Marketplace Open to All to the electrifying FUSE Fashion Show and enlightening workshops, FHNB Caribbean not only met but exceeded expectations, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the global fashion, arts, and lifestyle industries. By fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration, FHNB Caribbean has set a new standard, inspiring future events to aspire to its level of excellence. Can’t wait until next year’s festivities!

yours in fashion,

Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds Senior Fashion Editor, Upscale Magazine

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  1. Dr. Hammonds thank you, this event was truly all you described and more.
    For me as a fellow Caribbean Fashion Designer /Entrepreneur you can never get to a point of knowing it all and to have sat in Audience with you three titans as you say for two days is priceless.
    Meeting, networking with fellow artisans is golden and seeing my collection on that magical runway along with my Caribbean peers was the icing on the cake
    I took away something from each speaker, but having Tonififi, this amazing, trending social media influencer wear my piece on final night made my entire year. This is why I won’t miss this event, and I will bring others with me, because it’s about opportunities for brand development, growth and purposeful networking.
    Thank you to Rodney for acting on his vision and his team for executing a successful Season 2.
    We @Christiqueclothing
    Caribbean are grateful

  2. It was my absolute pleasure to be part of FHNB Season 2 held in Barbados and to sit and listen to the wealth of experience and knowledge from the three invitees. Dr. Courtney Hammond thank you for mentioning Made To Fit Designs in your article and choosing to wear one of our designs. The tips you shared were well received and I’m ready to take my business and brand to the next level. I’m happy I invested in my business to be a part of this awesome experience….thank you.

  3. FHNB Season 2 provided an incredible opportunity for designers to connect with internationally recognised business professionals in fashion and beauty, as well as share valuable business stories with fellow designers from Barbados and across the Caribbean. My main objective of having CAHLONG as part of this wonderful event was to create meaningful connections across the fashion industry, and this was done through discussions and collaborations that started during the event, and that have continued and already made positive traction locally and internationally. The level of dialogue you graciously gave to me as a new fashion designer as well as the conversations with Antonia Fifi and David Wongk were invaluable. The workshops allowed designers and the general public an opportunity to learn from the experts on how to manage key aspects of one’s business and how to set oneself apart from other brands.

    My heartfelt appreciation to you for highlighting the CAHLONG brand in this Upscale Magazine article, as well as highlighting our products to industry professionals. The incorporation of CAHLONG wooden handbags and jewellery on your and Antonia Fifi’s media platforms has truly warmed my heart.

    Special thanks is also extended to Rodney Powers for conceptualising this event and putting Caribbean designers in the spotlight.

  4. Attending FHNB season 2 was an amazing 1st for us at HMC Barbados…but meeting and engaging with the world renowed Dean of Fashion @imdrcah transcended all!!!
    To have such a trensetting, social media personality influencer as Tonififi support and promote you was awesome!!!…..FHNB is the vehicle for up and coming and established entrepeneurs/ artisans!!!
    Didnt get a chance to attend the sessions by the speakers but got snippets of encouragement and insights from them….
    To see our handbag accessories on the runway with @MadeToFit and @ChristiqueclothingCaribbean on final night was exhilarating!!!
    Thank you Rodney Powers for having the vision to invite us!!
    Thanks to @Upscale Magazine for including us…..
    HMC Barbados is forever greatful!!!…..

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