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Robyn Rihanna Fenty! Globally renowned artist, and youngest self-made female billionaire is making waves in the haircare industry. Her latest venture, Fenty Hair  has entered the celebrity haircare chat and we are here for it. Building on the phenomenal success of Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin, Fenty Hair promises to uphold the brand’s legacy of inclusivity and innovation.

“For my curly people to those who love protective styles, to those with straight or wavy hair, there’s something for you,” says the “B!tch Better Have My Money singer”.

Indeed, with that bold statement, it seems we have another hair care line that is “for all- truly” and we are totally here for it. Fenty Beauty set the standard with 40 shades of foundation so we are eager to get our hands on the new hair edition. Undoubtedly, Rih Rih has proven that if she is going to do anything, she is going to drop some bangers– powerful vocals and efficacious formulas!

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Hair has always been very personal to me.

Robyn Fenty, The mezzo-soprano beauty who commanded us to shine bright like a diamond, first shook the beauty industry in 2017 with the launch of Fenty Beauty. In fact, the line celebrated its extensive range of foundation shades that cater to a diverse array of skin tones, with us brown-skinned girlies being top of mind. This groundbreaking approach to inclusivity continued with Fenty Skin in 2020, offering skincare solutions that embraced all skin types. Now, Rihanna aims to extend this inclusive philosophy to haircare, addressing the needs and concerns of different hair types and textures.

Given the success of her previous lines, loyal consumers and fandom base Rihanna Navy have high expectations for the haircare line. The products feature high-quality, reparative formulas that address 5 common hair concerns. For example, key ingredient Replenicore-5 is “clinically tested to repair, strengthen, hydrate, smooth + protect at every step”. Additionally, the collection also celebrates and caters to natural hair textures, continuing the brand’s tradition of inclusivity.

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Fenty Hair is poised to significantly impact the haircare industry. Just as Fenty Beauty disrupted the cosmetics market with its inclusive approach, this new line of hair products could set new standards in haircare and dispel skepticism surrounding ‘for all hair types,’ especially for underrepresented hair types in mainstream products. Similarly, by prioritizing diversity and quality, Fenty Hair could easily become the game-changer we’ve been needing, providing innovative solutions tailored to a wide range of hair types.

Fenty Hair
Photo Credit: Fenty Hair Instagram

While details about the product lineup have already rolled out ahead of the official launch—dropping 6/13—the excitement is so intense that you can gain early access to shop the collection at the link in bio on Fenty Hair’s Instagram page. Rihanna’s track record with her Fenty ventures suggests that Fenty Hair will bring the same level of innovation, inclusivity, and quality we crave to the haircare industry. Fans and consumers eagerly await the launch, (squeals) hopeful that Fenty Hair will cater to their diverse hair needs and preferences.

Fenty Hair will continue Rihanna’s mission of revolutionizing the beauty industry, one inclusive product at a time. Go Rih Rih, we see you!

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