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$$$$$ (5 out of 5 Dollar Signs = Worth the price of the ticket and more)

The emotional roller coaster of the story is complimented by the rhythmic script and the star studded cast that sung it so beautifully.

It was beautifully honest and painfully real. Denzel Washington brought legend August Wilson‘s award winning stage play, Fences, to cinemas across the country on Christmas Day.

Although I never had the opportunity to see the play, the movie made me feel like I was watching a play on a big screen. Now that is powerful.

How can a movie make you fall in love with theatre? Watch the movie Fences and you will find out.

The movie’s portrayal of the love and often times pain of black love and the black family connected everyone in the audience. The complexity of the black family, ex. parent and child, husband and wife, friends, the church, men and women, and family, was respectfully illustrated in every scene.

Even if you didn’t agree with the decisions of the characters, you understood and felt their joy and heartache.

The packed theater laughed, gasped and cried together. And at the end we all applauded and cheered. Well done Denzel Washington.

The trailer was award winning enough, but the movie is sure to take home several awards in 2017. (We pray and expect!)

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