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Fashion tastemakers have become an important part of the fashion industry. They are the ones who set the trends and determine what is in style. They have a huge influence on what people wear and how they dress, as well as what styles are popular. Fashion tastemakers use their knowledge to create new looks that will be seen on the runways and in magazines around the world. They also help to shape consumer tastes by showcasing their favorite looks and giving advice on how to wear them. With their eye for style, fashion tastemakers can make or break a trend, so it is important for those in the industry to pay attention to them.

Meet Delisa Rose, an avant-garde lingerie brand hand-crafted in the USA under the tutelage of engineer turned designer, Tequila Wright.

Using her keen background in engineering and aerospace, Taquiela uniquely uses geometric shapes and cuts to create unique designs and patterns often not seen in the lingerie space. Her goal is to empower women to embrace their bodies and boost their confidence through designs that embody couture, luxury, and elegance.

Delisa Rose lingerie

Upscale Magazine had a chance to sit down with the ingenious designer to get her take on being a black woman in the lingerie space and her stunning new collection, Primrose, that just debuted, and much more.

Upscale: How has your background as an aerospace engineer contributed to your unique and timeless lingerie designs?

TW: Being an engineer has taught me so much about the technical aspect of designing. I work a lot with engineering specifications and requirements and have worked in manufacturing for over two decades. I understand the process of production from sketch to final inspection to delivering a quality product.

Upscale: Tell us about your mission to empower women to embrace their bodies and boost their confidence through your brand, Delisa Rose?

TW: Our mission is to continue to design and produce looks that the world has never seen before. Every piece is constructed for the girl who wants a certain look and wants to stand out. Some of our pieces can easily be worn in the bedroom or a night out on the town. We want every woman to feel beautiful and confident in our designs.

Upscale: With ongoing supply chain issues plaguing the US economy, how have you navigated the hardships by working closely with suppliers to ensure that Delisa Rose is composed of the most high-quality materials?

TW: Scaling my business is so important, especially in these times where prices have gone up significantly on everything. Our brand is made to order and we only buy fabrics/materials needed per order to control waste. As an Engineer, I specialize in raw materials and have managed over 100 suppliers, which have assisted me in sourcing the best fabrics and understanding the composition of the material. I work closely with my suppliers and view them as my partners.

Upscale: Why is it important to you to have your garments made in the USA versus overseas?

TW: Having my garments made in the USA allows me to work closely with my production team and ensure the quality of my products. I like being able to show up whenever I want to check on my order. Plus, it allows me to do quality control and inspections of my products domestically versus internationally, which is much easier and effective.

Upscale: How do you leverage your 9-5 for your passion project?

TW: Working a 9-5 can be challenging while trying to start up a business. I try to prioritize my main goals and time management the best way I can. Keeping a project charter has helped me to stay on track and keeps me from getting overwhelmed.

Upscale: Tell us about your gorgeous new collection, Primrose and the inspiration behind it?

TW: This collection was inspired by the purple rose “Primrose.” Purple is my favorite color, but the collection aims to breathe renewal and youthfulness through my intricate designs. I used geometric shapes to help me to design looks that are not only uniquely different from the rest but constructively shaped. My customers will get to experience luxury lingerie made in the USA, and I am so EXCITED! Primrose launched on Friday, February 17th and will be exclusively available at:

Delisa Rose lingerie

Upscale: As a black woman in fashion, what do you aspire for your legacy to be?

TW: I aspire for my legacy to be one of the biggest lingerie brands in the history of lingerie.

Upscale: What is next for you and the Delisa Rose empire?

TW: I am working on my goal to partner with department stores and attend trade shows as I continue to push the brand to commercial success.

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