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As the curtains rise on the highly anticipated holiday release of “The Color Purple,” featuring the incomparable Fantasia Barrino as Celie, the spotlight not only illuminates her remarkable talent but also the brilliant sartorial choices curated by her stylist, Daniel Hawkins. The fashion journey embarked upon by this dynamic duo has been nothing short of extraordinary, a crescendo of style that resonates with elegance, sophistication, and a touch of the avant-garde.

Daniel Hawkins Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Fantasia Barrino’s collaboration with Daniel Hawkins has proven to be a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and high fashion. The film’s promotional tour has been a showcase of their collective creativity, setting a new standard for red carpet glamour.

A defining moment on the promotional tour was marked by Fantasia donning a custom Sergio Hudson gown, expertly styled by Daniel Hawkins. Renowned for his adept fusion of theatrical elements and contemporary fashion, Hawkins meticulously curated every detail to enhance Fantasia’s regal presence. This gown serves as a perfect prelude to the visual symphony anticipated in “The Color Purple.”

Unafraid to explore the avant-garde, the duo ventured into bold and unexpected territory with an avant-garde pantsuit that defied convention. The asymmetrical cuts and unconventional draping showcased not only Fantasia’s fearless approach to fashion but also Daniel Hawkins’ ability to push boundaries while maintaining a cohesive and visually striking narrative.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Throughout the promotional tour, Daniel Hawkins exhibited an innate understanding of Fantasia’s unique style, seamlessly transitioning from classic elegance to avant-garde experimentation. The stylist’s keen eye for detail and ability to marry fashion with the essence of Celie’s character has not only elevated Fantasia’s red-carpet presence but also contributed to the overall narrative of the film.

Beyond the captivating aesthetics, Daniel Hawkins’ collaboration with Fantasia Barrino speaks to the transformative power of fashion. Each ensemble not only serves as a visual spectacle but also as a storytelling device, offering a glimpse into the nuanced layers of Celie’s character. The stylist’s thoughtful curation ensures that every outfit enhances Fantasia’s portrayal of Celie, creating a symbiotic relationship between fashion and cinematic artistry.


In the countdown to the Christmas Day premiere of “The Color Purple,” our anticipation is not solely for the cinematic masterpiece but also for the mesmerizing fashion showcase curated by Fantasia Barrino and the visionary stylist, Daniel Hawkins. Together, they have composed a fashion symphony that goes beyond clothing, etching an indelible mark on the convergence of film and style.

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