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In the newest Upscale Women’s History feature, explore the stylish transformation of golf with a spotlight on Ladies Who Golf. Founded by Keyeriah Miles, this unique 501(c)(3) community, established in Atlanta on September 16th, 2023, is redefining the golfing landscape with its inclusive and empowering approach.

Keyeriah Miles attends 35th annual A Meal To Remember fundraising gala presented by Meals On Wheels Atlanta. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Diversity and Inclusion Take the Lead: At the heart of Ladies Who Golf is a mission dedicated to diversity and inclusion. With a focus on providing resources, mentorship, and promoting mental health awareness, this organization transcends the traditional boundaries of the golfing world. Their monthly wellness events, professional development opportunities, and commitment to mentoring youth golfers illustrate their dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for every woman.

Fashion Meets the Fairway: Gone are the days of outdated golf attire. Ladies Who Golf embraces fashion on the fairway, encouraging members to express their personal style while teeing off. From chic athleisure wear to statement-making accessories, these ladies prove that golf fashion is anything but boring. With an emphasis on inclusivity, their fashion-forward approach reflects the diverse backgrounds and personalities within the community.

Building Connections Beyond the Green: More than just a golf club, Ladies Who Golf is a platform for building meaningful connections. Through business networking opportunities and social engagements, members have the chance to forge lasting relationships both on and off the course. By breaking down barriers and welcoming women from all walks of life, this community is redefining what it means to be a golfer in the modern era.

Looking Ahead: As Ladies Who Golf continues to grow, their dedication to diversity, inclusion, and fashion-forward thinking remains unwavering. With a commitment to expanding access to the golfing community and fostering connections among professional women, they are leading the charge for change in the world of golf.

Join us as we celebrate Ladies Who Golf and their groundbreaking approach to fashion, diversity, and empowerment on the fairway. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, there’s a place for everyone in this inclusive and forward-thinking community.

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