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Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash

The Unfollow Me tour by Erykah Badu was nothing short of exceptional, imbibing astounding performances with her signature neo-soul style. As part of her “Unfollow Me” tour, Badu delivered an unforgettable performance at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Saturday, July 15th. The concert promised an immersive experience for fans, with empowering lyrics, comedic interludes, and special guests. The tour featured a lineup of notable performers, including hip-hop legend yasiin bey (f.k.a. Mos Def) and rising star Tobe Nwigwe, who joined Badu on stage in Atlanta.

Disclaimer: A Badu concert is a cosmic experience, part jazzy hip-hop soul trip, part modern dance performance, part visual feast, part liberating. Thanks, Ms. Badu, for a spectacular experience. Come back, come back, baby, come back!

yasiin bey (f.k.a. Mos Def) and Erykah Badu Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash
Photo courtesy of Tobe Nwigwe

Throughout the tour, her vocal prowess was demonstrated through a varied setlist, featuring both her classic hits and some surprise covers. The audience were mesmerized by her fluid blend of funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop. Badu’s vocal command and stage presence were on full display throughout the show, captivating the crowd with her soulful performances. To an audience that ranged from ’60s- to 2000s -era fans, Badu declared of her game-changing 1997 debut album, Baduizm, “I wrote that for you ’90s babies,” as she recalled being pregnant with her first child while writing and recording the project. “So, I’ve been waiting for you ’90s babies to grow up,” she said with a laugh.

Another standout moment was when Badu performed the heartfelt ballad “Orange Moon” while seated on a beanbag, showcasing her raw talent, and emphasizing the therapeutic nature of her music.

The concert was a masterclass in hip-hop and neo-soul, with Badu and yasiin bey delivering a dynamic and engaging performance.

However, what set this performance apart was not just the music, but also the unique fashion sense that Badu displayed. For Badu’s Atlanta performance, she played with silhouettes and layers, ranging from voluminous kaftans and capes paired with her signature “sea anemone” leg warmers.

Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash
Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash

Erykah Badu is indeed a fashion icon, widely known for her eclectic and unique style. She has continuously pushed the fashion envelope by choosing outfits that reflect her personality and musical genres. Badu’s fashion journey began in the late 90s when she broke onto the scene with her debut album, Baduizm. With her towering head wraps, African inspired outfits, bohemian dresses, large accessories, and eccentric looks, Erykah wows her fans with her creative and artful expressions of individuality through her outfits.

Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash

Badu’s every appearance is a fashion statement, influencing a generation of fashion enthusiasts and style aspirants. Badu’s distinctive fashion sense goes hand in hand with her music, both demonstrating her individuality, creativity, and commitment to her cultural roots.

Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash

Rightfully, her music and fashion sense during her Atlanta performance became a symbol of her unique personality and creative genius.

Photo Courtesy of Tony Krash

The ‘Unfollow Me’ Atlanta stop was a sensory delight marrying the infectious beats of Badu’s music with the dramatic expression of her fashion choices. Along with her compelling vocal performances, the fashion highlights served to enhance the overall experience for every member of the audience, making the tour not just a musical event, but also a fashion extravaganza. It won’t be far-fetched to say that Badu fashioned her own unique niche, both in terms of her music and her style.

Truly, it was a profound reminder of why Badu continues to reign in her domain.

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