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A visit to Nepal is made extra special when you stay at the Taj Hotel’s Meghauli Serai. Located inside Chitwan National Park, which is well known for its wildlife viewing, Meghauli Serai offers guests the experience of a real exotic animal encounter right outside their door.

Room/suite prices range from $110 to $200 per night, and the safari experiences—available as a 4×4 jeep ride or a canoe excursion down the Rapti River—range from $120 to $225 per person.

There’s nothing like being on a safari and watching exotic creatures up close and personal in their own environment. Not in Africa—but Nepal.

Here are five reasons to book a room at the Meghauli Serai.

Comfortable Accommodations and Amenities

It’s not a huge hotel (there are fewer than 30 rooms for rent), which makes it feel more like a community than a resort. But even with so few guests, there were plenty of options for dining and amenities.

If you didn’t have the view outside to remind you that you’re in the jungle, you’d never know you were in the jungle. The rooms are comfortable and cool, the food is excellent, and the services at the spa provide the icing on the cake to an all-around amazing experience.

(Meghauli Serai suite. Image: Aniesia Williams)


(Meghauli Serai bathroom. Image: Aniesia Williams)

Excellent Guest Services

The amount of wildlife here certainly makes this hotel stand out from other Taj hotels. But even without the elephants and tigers roaming about, the hotel itself provided a wonderful experience.

From the moment you arrive until the time you say goodbye, you’ll feel like every single staff member you encounter here is interested in making your stay phenomenal. Not just good, but truly phenomenal. From bonfire dinners to well-planned activities, the staff here goes above and beyond to ensure every visit is the best you’ve ever had.

(Meghauli Serai lobby. Image: Aniesia Williams)

Being One With Nature

There are no major highways or shopping centers, no sounds of cars zipping by your window, and none of the typical city noises that many have grown accustomed to. Look up and you’ll see a sky brimming with stars that haven’t been shuttered by glaring streetlights. Listen closely and you’ll hear the hums and murmurs of insects, predators, and other fauna nearby.

If you’ve ever wanted to truly get away from the daily hustle and bustle, the Meghauli Serai can deliver, but without having to sacrifice hot showers, good food, and other modern conveniences.

(Meghauli Serai outdoor shower, Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Meghauli Serai outdoor shower, Image: Aniesia Williams)

Safaris That Rival Those in East Africa

Elephants, Bengal tigers, rare one-horned rhinos, over 540 species of birds, Ghariyals (a type of crocodile), sloth bears, leopards, and hundreds of other animals await you on one of several safari options at the hotel. Whether you prefer to cruise in a Jeep, 4×4, or atop of an elephant, you’ll get closer to these animals in their natural habitat than you ever thought possible.

The Meghauli Serai offers a variety of safari tours to suit every taste, including bird watching, exotic animals, and other wildlife. And while you may have to get out of bed early for some of these tours, the visual rewards are well worth it.

(Entrance to safari experience outside Meghauli Serai. Image: Aniesia Williams)

A Lifetime of Memories

The things you will see and do during your stay at the Meghauli Serai will not soon be forgotten. From up-close animal encounters to elephant rides through the jungle to guided tours and unique dining experiences, most people only dream of the opportunities that await you here. You’ll want to capture every moment on camera and treasure them for years to come.

(Safari experience canoe. Image: Aniesia Williams)
(Safari experience canoe. Image: Aniesia Williams)


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