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Black designers and Fashion-preneurs are a crucial pillar in fashion and are often leading the charge to make change in the industry. From Vanshawn Kayie Branch’s joyous color blocking to ArtMatic’ thought-provoking collections, Black-owned fashion labels are creating the trends while making bold statements.

Below, a quick highlight on three notable names whose innovation and creativity are helping shape the fashion sector. Get ready for a powerful blend of patterns, bold colors, textures, and out-of-this-world design inspiration. Ready? Set. Follow.

Vanshawn Kayie Branch

Heralded for his thought-provoking looks, Vanshawn Kayie Branch is a sought-after creative director and tailor-made designer, dressing the likes of local and international clients. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Branch’s brand was created as an alternative to traditional luxury and harbors a youthful zest that bridges the realities of rebellion, art and culture. Through sleek and contemporary dress notes, he is crafting a timeless catalog that also pays tribute to the multidimensional culture in the bayou and evolving cultural ideologies. If you’re into multi-colored stripes and color blocking, then you hopefully you will nab something from his latest collection.


Christine Willson

As the owner and principal designer at Khira Fashions , Christine Willson is known for her luxury resort-wear brand that curates chic and comfortable fashion for women ages 30–65. Influenced by her diverse cultural background— including her West African heritage and British upbring — Christine curates a clean and eclectic feel, while blending a fusion of Western and African designs to create her own styles.

Prepare to turn heads and receive compliments.
Simple, yet elegant pieces that transition from everyday outfits to special occasions.
Bring on the FASHAWN!!
Step out with added confidence!



J.Q. Franklin

J.Q. Franklin also known as “Artpreneur,” began painting and drawing as an adolescent, and his passion for the arts inspired him to build a full-service company called Visionary Artistry, focused on enhancing the lives and showcasing the work of underground artists. As a serial entrepreneur, his new venture is a luxe streetwear collective entitled Based in Georgia, Franklin’s hand-one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by his lifestyle, hip-hop music and his experiences growing up. The Artmartic label has no set gender labels and features signature design elements like track suits, embellished hats, and signature hoodies. At its core, Franklin wants to challenge everyone to embrace their individuality.


There is so much more one could say about all these amazing Fashion-preneurs, and there are many others I could talk about, but this post would unfortunately turn into an essay. It is difficult to put into words how creative and inspirational all of these photographers are, and I hope this article has been able to spotlight some of the amazing work we see in our favorite fashion content.

Stay tuned for part 2! 

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