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In the world of luxury watches, where legacy and craftsmanship reign supreme, one young entrepreneur is making a name for himself. Emir Horton, the founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company, has embarked on a journey to create a brand that not only leaves a lasting impact but also uplifts his community.

Photo courtesy of Eartha Watch Company

Emir’s story is one of resilience and determination. Raised in Philadelphia, he faced numerous challenges that made him question his ability to achieve his entrepreneurial dreams. However, it was his time at Delaware State University that reignited his hope and gave him the courage to pursue his passions.

The journey to creating Eartha Watch Company was not without its challenges. Emir spent 18 months laying the foundation for his company, facing obstacles such as finding the right manufacturer and securing startup capital. However, his perseverance paid off, and in 2020, Eartha Watch Company was born.

Photo courtesy of Eartha Watch Company

Emir’s vision for Eartha Watch Company goes beyond just creating luxury timepieces. He sees his brand as a way to inspire others to pursue their dreams and create a lasting legacy. As the youngest Black man in the watch industry, Emir hopes to pave the way for future leaders and innovators.

Emir Horton, the founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company

Eartha Watch Company offers two distinct collections, each designed to complement different aspects of a modern lifestyle. The “Dusk” collection transitions effortlessly from an evening business meeting to a cocktail soirée, embodying confidence and refinement. On the other hand, the “Dawn” collection is perfect for a day on the golf course or a weekend brunch with friends, blending seamlessly into any wardrobe.

Emir crafts his watches for those who savor life’s exquisite details, for the discerning individuals who understand the art of refinement. They are not just timepieces; they are statements of elegance and sophistication, reflecting the impeccable style and discerning taste of those who wear them.

For Emir, building a legacy is about more than just personal success. It’s about empowering others and leaving a positive impact on the world. Through Eartha Watch Company, he hopes to inspire others to be bold, take risks, and reclaim their time.

Emir Horton’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. It’s a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, with perseverance and a clear vision, we can achieve greatness.

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