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Unconscious biases plague women, specifically black women in every regard. They’re judged for what they wear or what they don’t wear, their makeup or lack thereof, whether or not they have children, their martial statues, their own names and even their AGE.

I created a list of 8 fabulous black women over the age of 40 who are making important contributions to society, either publicly in their field of expertise or in their local community. These women are activists, coaches, artists, techies, fashion influencers, writers and more. They’re also mothers, daughters, aunties, sisters, and partners.

There’s no rule that says getting older means you have to feel old—just ask these awe-inspiring women.


Photo Courtesy Pouya Ramzi

She’s sophisticated and funky — and her name is Dr. Dionne Boyd! This mogul who turns 50 years old later this month is the CEO behind the brand . Boyd launched her consultancy with the idea that stories, not sales pitches, are the best way to reach customers. Her innovative strategies have helped people find voices for their brands and embrace their true selves. She encourages entrepreneurs in particular to authentically include themselves in their businesses’ narratives. Dr. Boyd we’re booking a session right now.

Photo Courtesy Selena Hulett

Selena Hulett- This age defying stylist and blogger is certainly worth a follow if you fancy discovering new brands and learning fresh ways to style everyday staples. Add her to your feed for insider snaps and stunning editorials and never look back. Plus, her photos with her granddaughter are enough to melt your heart. Connect with her at ReMixed Boutique


Photo Courtesy Yadiyda oppong

Yadiyda Sandra Oppong sees her brainchild brand, Yadiyda Fashion, as an experimental art project of sorts — which explains why its styles (and resounding content) are as aesthetically pleasing as you’d expect. The trailblazing label challenges social constructs and shifts conversations forward, making her one to follow going forward. You can learn more about this amazing creative at


Photo Courtesy Nicole Barton Photography

Sarah Villery is one of our top influencers over 40 years old. As a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer, she channels her love for fashion into the charming outfits that she styles and posts on her social channels. Effortlessly chic – this ageless beauty has an eye for what looks good in more ways than one. Check out her feed for all her aesthetically pleasing content! Connect with her at on Instagram @ svillery12


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Founder and CEO of Iconic Womanhood, Ekene Onu is doing her best to provide women in corporate spaces with the tools to be “ICONIC”. The former pharmacist turned entrepreneur saw a void in the opportunities and rooms women were allowed access to and sought to change it with the creation of her career consulting company as well as her retreats, The Iconic Woman Weekend. It’s clear elevating women is her mission.


Photo Courtesy Melodie Stewart

Is Melodie Stewart’s Instagram account a sister page of Pinterest? Because it’s just that aesthetically pleasing. You’ll love how this influencer over 40 years old doesn’t just simply share photos. Each post comes with a caption that tells a story worth reading! And she always lets her personality shine through her narratives! You can learn more about this fabulous lady at


Photo Courtesy Sean Cokes Photography

Deone D’Alessio is all about ageing naturally! Known for her distinctive personal style, she’s a Singer/Songwriter, Community + Human Rights Advocate, and the Co-Founder of the Paulino Group. I absolutely love and adore this woman, who is the embodiment of radiance and grace! Her mission is to reawaken the sleeping goddess that resides in all women, regardless of their age! Experience her transformational gift of song at Pause



Photo Courtesy Amelia Jackson Photography

Toya Harris aka Toya FOYASOUL-This Birmingham, AL born artist is equal parts singer-songwriter, with honeyed vocals that stick in your mind for days and lyrics too vivid to forget. She’s dedicated to helping women of all ages, shapes, and sizes feel fearless in their own skin through fashion! She believes that you shouldn’t let aging stop you from looking great #Preach. We couldn’t agree more!


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  1. Congratulations to all… Ms Ekene (Iconic woman herself) I congratulate you specially because I see what and how you do what you do for the women. I know you’ve not harnessed all there is to but surely the sky is your starting point. Much love from me, your naija tribe.

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