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As I walked down the hall to our guest room to pull something from the closet to wear to a meeting tomorrow (I’ve taken over 3 of the 5 closets in the house), I realized what I REALLY want/need for Christmas.  Would  someone please tell Santa that one of the spare bedrooms need to be renovated into a luxurious dream closet that is fitting for the queen that I truly am?!  And since it’s so close to Christmas, I’d be delighted to accept this as a New Years gift (first quarter that is) ….I’m just saying,

Check out these closet inspirations and google the nearest contractor!

Strand Beach

Photo by Jeri Koegel Photography


River Oaks Residence

Photo by Laura U, Inc.

vintage remix

Photo by PROjECT interiors + Aimee Wertepny


Fashion and Style Expert Mary Alice Stephenson

Photo by Closet Factory



Photo by Southern Closet Systems Inc.

Custom Closets

Photo by Closet Factory

Sierra Alta

Photo by Tracie Butler Interior Design


Bright Paradise Valley Home

Photo by Cullum Homes Design


Traditional Closet

Photo by

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