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Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr.
Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr. May 9, 1937- February 8, 2024


Dr. Joe L. Dudley Sr., hair care pioneer, and humanitarian, gained his wings on February 8, 2024, at 86 years old. Prior to college graduation, the self-made millionaire began building his legacy early on. During summer break from college, he traveled to Brooklyn, New York to find work. Thus, he invested $10 in a sales kit and became a salesperson for Fuller Products. That is where he met Eunice, who would later become his wife and co-founder of Dudley Products.

Thus, driven by ambition to save money for the continuation of his college education, Dudley became a top sales associate at the company. He continued selling throughout his college years. Soon after, S.B. Fuller presented him with an offer to become an independent distributor in North Carolina. He accepted the opportunity and excelled in the position. Naturally, he became the top independent distributor for Fuller Products.


“I Am. I Can. & I Will.”


Dr. and Ms. Dudley Founded Dudley Products in 1967.

Operating in an “I Am. I Can. & I Will.” mindset, which is an excerpt from the title of his book, Dudley stepped out on faith. Before long, he started developing products out of his kitchen and the rest is history. Black History! Dr. Dudley and his then-wife, Eunice, expanded the product line which evolved into the total beauty empire that we know today. Comprised of hair care, cosmetics, and skincare, they developed a professional line, sold and distributed to licensed cosmetologists in salons and barbershops. Shortly after the line extension, they opened Dudley Cosmetology University in Kernersville, NC, eventually opening several beauty colleges in cities across the US.

Hence DCU quickly rising to the cream of the crop, Black cosmetology school students, licensed cosmetologists, and anyone who wanted to master the art of black hair flocked to the Kernersville, NC campus. DCU was also an accredited university and offered select business degree programs in addition to advanced training and education. The school’s basic cosmetology curriculum captured the attention of aspiring cosmetologists from all over the world who would eventually graduate and go on to become entrepreneurs aligning with Mr. Dudley’s dream to help others excel.


Affectionately called Mr. D by the students of DCU, he is responsible for the evolution of tens of thousands of highly skilled, successful hairstylists, and beauty professionals across the globe. Recognized as the largest Black-owned industrial/service company in the US in the early 2000s, the Dudley Empire remains one of the few pioneering Black-owned beauty companies still operating today.

Certainly, Mr. D found his purpose early in life. He was a visionary who built his legacy while serving God through serving His people for 56 years of beauty and beyond. As we celebrate his life and his selfless contribution to the world, his legacy will continue to live on forever.

During his guidance, Mr. D trained generations of cosmetologists, beauty professionals, and entrepreneurs, empowering them to break glass ceilings in a multi-billion-dollar industry where the needs of the black hair care consumer are frequently overlooked. DCU and DBC alumni operate in excellence and are leaders in the industry. Mr. D’s life and his story will continue to inspire many generations to come.


Well done, Mr. D! Thank you for your contributions as a philanthropist and leader, enhancing the world’s beauty by nurturing beauty makers who will carry the torch forward. Our hearts and prayers are with the Dudley family, friends, students, and colleagues during this challenging time.

Celebration of Life services for Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr. Sunday, February 18, and Monday, February 19, 2024, in Greensboro, NC. Stream the service online Monday February 19, 2024 10:00am at

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