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This past year has flown by and 2018 is in full effect! Did you stick to those resolutions you set last New Year’s day? Sure you didn’t. Why? Because they don’t work. They’re whack! Empty promises that’ll have you backsliding into your old habits by the time you say February.

Do you want something better for yourself? Do you often think there has to be more to my life, something greater? Well, your desire is there for a reason.

So, do something different this time!

Reflect on this past year and think about what you want to be different in your life. What do you want, really really want? Whatever it is, it is possible. Be specific and see if the universe doesn’t respond!

You don’t need a resolution, you need a vision. 

A vision, action, and faith.

Having a vision is key in reaching your success, whether it’s creating balance in your life or getting paid for doing something you love. If you don’t have a vision, you will remain stuck in your current circumstance. Take time now to visualize what you want. Where do you want to go? What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

Start with a vision board.

Grab some old magazines, a bottle of wine, and your besties to have a vision board party. Create a vision board with images and words that describe what you want to achieve and how you want to feel. Be specific! And if it’s only focused on 1 or 2 areas of your life, that’s even better.

The first vision board I created was last year and, I kid you not, there are things that have come into fruition, including the creation of Besties and Brunch. I hung it up on my closet door where I could see it each day. I also have it saved as the wall paper image on my phone. I made sure to focus on these images before I left the house each morning.

The images we see everyday consciously and subconsciously dictate our thoughts which, in turn, dictate our actions.

By focusing your mind and energy on your vision board for a few minutes each day, you already put yourself 1 step closer to making it a reality. It’s a part of the law of attraction. You attract what you put out into the universe. It’s not crazy talk. You have to believe! That’s where faith comes into play. It doesn’t work for most people because doubt gets in the way or they don’t listen to what God tells them to do in order to make the vision happen. Some people fail to believe that God wants them to live abundantly (but that’s another post. Don’t let me start to preach!). God will start opening doors or begin to surround you with others who will help you make it happen, only if you are consistent with focusing on what you want.

After you create your vision, here are 3 things to steer away from:

EXCUSES: Don’t let the negative thoughts or lame excuses we often tell ourselves stop you from manifesting your vision.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t have time or money to do x y or z. For every negative internal thought, replace it with an affirmation and think about your vision.

HATERS: Only share your vision with people who are where you want to be or have the same mindset. 

There will be people, even dear friends, who will try to hate on what you are doing or make you think you are being unrealistic. They probably are where they are because they don’t have a vision themselves. Focus on what YOU want, regardless.

LAZINESS: Don’t sit on it. 

Vision boards are not magical. You have to activate it! There is surely 1 action you can take to begin igniting your vision. Read a book to gain knowledge in your field. Choose that salad today instead of french fries. Make coffee at home this week to save money instead of giving Starbucks $5 every morning (NO EXCUSES ALLOWED).

Here are 2 short videos of Oprah’s Life Class where Steve Harvey who talks about vision, fear, and failure as a part of success.

I challenge you today to create your vision for 2018 and start working on it now!

Have vision boards worked for you? Leave comments below. We would love to hear from you!


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