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Do you remember when you saw your first gray hair? Did you embrace it or decide to hide it? How did you react when they kept coming in?

For screenwriter and producer Mara Brock Akil, the mind behind shows like Being Mary Jane and Girlfriends, for years she decided that as a public figure always at events and on red carpets, she wanted to hide them.

But in a very insightful post on Instagram, the 47-year-old shared her up and down relationship with her gray hair and the decision she made recently to stop dyeing them. Being busy crafting stories and pitching them, including her upcoming CW superhero drama, Black Lightning, Brock Akil got busy and felt less of a pressure to cover her grays. So on her 47th birthday in May she made the decision to stop making appointments and embrace them:

GREY// I should’ve started this #hairjourney… really #mejourney a year and half ago when it began. That time back in March 2016 when my grey resisted my last color of February 2016 for award season… But I wasn’t sure I would stay committed. Actually I wasn’t sure I was on the journey yet, but I did make a decision then that I would go #natural through the end of #summer2016 to save #time and #thought and #money. But at the end of the summer I decided to keep going. I believe my friend @iamrebeccawalker inspired me at this time. I saw the image of her allowing her grey and I thought she was #beautiful and #brave… I still wasn’t sure but I also wasn’t making appointments to get it colored. Plus I was writing/developing new projects… I’ll decide before I start doing press again with the sell of new shows… then we sold the shows and I was starting to do #panels #redcarpets but I didn’t make the appointment… I gave myself until my birthday in May to decide. And ultimately I decided to allow my grey. I mostly love it! There are still days I’m not sure… but that’s just it, whether it’s #Hair or #JustMe my journey has lead me to love it and except the moments of being unsure. That’s tantamount to #lettinggo #doingme… until I decide to do something else! #InTheLandOfGettingGrownAndGoingGrey

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I mean, can we address the fact that her hair, which is all hers, is beautiful with and without grays? I don’t know about you but I’m ready to see it all gray and Brock Akil in full Storm from X-Men mode. Rock it to the fullest, sis!


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Written by Victoria Uwumarogie