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Could today be the day you make a change? You can change the way you think, the way you operate, your circle, and your overall mindset. That’s just what builder, investor, and entrepreneur Will Cyrus did and he recently sat down with UPSCALE just to let us in on how he did it.

UPSCALE: How did you get into the real estate development field? Was it something you were always interested in or something you became interested in later on in life?

WILL: I got introduced into the construction side of Real Estate Development by my grandfather. He was a carpenter and a masonry foreman. In Florida we had a lot of Hurricanes, my grandad was on the front line building houses and apartments so it was inspiring seeing a black man in construction, it gave me that understanding of how to build. Seeing something go from concrete into an actual structure turned  a light switch on my brain when it came to construction. Being a hustler growing up in South Florida I always wanted to be a boss not a worker. I always had the mentality of not being the “corner boy” but being the plug”. The person calling the shots and making the shots.

UPSCALE: We are in an era of people just jumping in on things and not being properly educated, which in the long run can be damaging to their career. You have been properly educated and prepped in your field. What was that process like for you?

WILL: After seeing the construction side from my Grandad I took it upon myself to learn the business side of development, read a lot of books, no mentor, I taught myself. I started investing in flips, then new projects, then title companies, banks and lenders. I asked questions like If i want a loan, what does my business profile look like from an underwriter perspective? If I’m asking for a million dollars what does my financial profile need to look like? Networking with people I learned the business side and intertwined the construction with the business side. That’s how I got into real estate development. For me experience is life’s best teacher for what I do . There’s not a college course in the world that can teach you this, you can’t get a degree or certificate from Harvard MIT, Colombia, nothing can really teach you this unless you’re going out and doing the deal yourself. The construction is learned on a construction site not a classroom. I learned the principles of construction 101 , how to prepare a lot, how to frame something, and the typical processes for building a home.

It doesn’t teach you how to structure a deal in the real world. How to speak with a banker or a lender, and learn how an underwriter thinks because they’re the ones approving or denying the deals. You have to dedicate time, energy and resources into it. I’ve gone through shady contractors, building my team, understanding legal contracts, what to use vs not, the need for insurance, losing money on bad deals from other people’s mistakes. From those experiences you learn how to set up the proper channels and make things run like a well oiled machine, you understand legal and contracts, people need certain insurances in place so you’re not going after people when a mistake happens but you’re going after insurance. I made myself an expert by going through things. I’ve spent a couple hundred grand learning but ever since I’ve learned I’ve been up ever since.

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UPSCALE: Social media has a way of sometimes creating a false narrative in any field. In your field let’s get in to the working aspect. Tell our readers just how much work goes into what you do?

WILL: There’s a lot of Cap on the internet. Everyone makes it seem like it’s all peaches and cream – no 112 – but it’s a lot of work.  It’s a very litigious legal field and you can be sued for anything.  What a lot of these Guru’s won’t tell you is how to have your legal setup. They may pitch you how to get 100k on your first deal but not share how you can also get sued 6 figures by not having your legal attorney warranty in place to safeguard yourself or having builders risks, workers comp, general liability, a legal attorney for your state. Having those contacts on file and grabbing insurance for everyone you do business with. When you sell a home to a client, you’re married to that client for the next 6-10 years. So you need a warranty in place so if they file a claim, you need to have the infrastructure to handle those things and fix things.

UPSCALE: I love how you incorporate your faith into your work and your passion. What are some of the things you’ve experienced in your career and journey that you felt tested your faith? How did you navigate them?

WILL: Right before I started the business, that was a big test of faith within itself. God gave me the name Purpose builder developments in 2017 I didn’t act on the name until 2019. That’s 2 years of me running away from starting this development firm. I was making great money doing insurance, doing well buying land and investing in other real estate opportunities, but God kept saying Purpose Builders. At the time I had maybe 5,000 followers on Instagram, I got my LLC, and Once i became obedient 6-9 months later it became a multi million dollar business. My first deal was 500,000, next 500,000, I sold a house for 1.3 million then my new realm was selling 1.5 million dollar houses consistently. God was testing my faith and obedience to do what he called me to do. I took the leap of faith, trusted God with the name and trusted what he wanted me to build and by the grace of God everything I built sells.

I haven’t faced the different things people have faced in the industry due to the economy. For whatever reason God is continuing to bless and expand my territory, I don’t take that lightly, I’m grateful  that God has his hands on me and is continuing to build and create generational wealth for me and my future family.

UPSCALE: What do you feel makes you standout amongst all the other developers in your area?

WILL: There’s a lot of great developers out there. We make up less than 2% of developers nationwide, that’s a fact not an opinion. I’m rooting for everybody black. Whenever I see another black person doing great business, operating at a high level or operating in black excellence I congratulate them first and foremost.  What makes me different is my business is tied directly to the calling God has on my life, God has been prostrating and ordering my steps. Even when I was in the streets he was sparring me. I’m truly called according to the purpose he has in my life, God anointed me to do this and called me to do this and my business has been super successful as a result. I’m not saying the next person isn’t, I just know I stand on business.

UPSCALE: You’ve been on several platforms sharing your knowledge and your skills. Being open and having those teachable moments requires so much transparency. What did it take for you to get to a confident level of transparency?

WILL: Simply put I feel like the more transparent you are the less people can make up lies and talk about you. With me you’re gonna hear it from me first. I really don’t care what the next person is saying. I’m telling you what it is on business tips or personal side. I don’t have anything to hide. I’m an open book. I’m not gate keeping information because at the end of the day to do well in this business your faith has to be strong because it’s hard to do . 1 financials are a big piece. 2 resources supply trades individuals to execute work. On top of that you have to have a really good staff so many pieces go into it, even if you hand someone the sauce, if they don’t have that gift or anointing they’re not gonna be successful. In this business I don’t mind sharing my knowledge with people because it takes a special person to execute on it. At the end of the day I’m rooting for everybody.

UPSCALE: When you think of the future as it pertains to your brand, what’s the next level you want to go to?

WILL: From a next level aspect I want to take it world wide. Showcasing the world and where I came from inspire people it’s possible you don’t need a Harvard degree and MBA from top school.

You need some hustle and God. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. I’m trying to get more in TV and film space, inspire youth and give out a lot of wealth, gems and knowledge I’ve learned along the way and show how it can be applicable to all parts of life.

UPSCALE: What can we expect from you in terms of development?

WILL: I have 6 projects going on. I’m building 6 mansions 4,000 5,000 square feet in Lakewood. I’ve heavily invested in that area because of demand, not just profit. I plan to continue moving and grooving in the high end luxury space 1.8 and 3 million on this phase in business and life. Expect to see more of my projects, exploring and expanding my territory business wise, growing spiritually and continuing to inspire the culture that you can do it to.

Will Cyrus is the man with the plan, literally. From growing up, his faith, and his acceleration. At UPSCALE, what we love more than growth is the gift of growth. It’s no doubt that Mr. Cyrus has managed that by continuing to educate himself and those around him. That’s what it’s really all about. Not only is Will building the communities, but he’s building FOR the communities and for that he deserves all his flowers now and more.

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