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Chris Stokes is the Director in the Tubi thriller ‘ I Hate You to Death’ currently streaming on Tubi TV. In the storyline we meet three women who discover that they’re all married to the same man Trevor. It’s very clever how Trevor pulls off living three different lives and is clearly finding it difficult to keep up the facade,

He was caught slipping and being followed by his first wife, only to discover he wasn’t driving to meet up with family or for out of town work. His secret is exposed when one wife suspects him of cheating and follows him out one night.

After all three have found out about each other, the three unwilling and unknowing “sister wives” decide to turn the tables on him and get revenge. As this is a thriller, there are some even darker elements to Trevor’s deception, but that’s not for me to reveal here.

Let’s just say he definitely deserves what’s coming to him.


Still Here is another revenge movie from him on TUBI >

Also, the three wives are quite different but quick to band together. Once they realize the depths of Trevor’s deception, they know action must be taken. The three women deliver some fun moments as they try to be “under the cover”, but the undertone is quite dark throughout as this is essentially a revenge story. Now streaming on Tubi TV

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