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Director Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes, Marques Houston, and Juanita Stokes keep directing, writing and producing Tubi original movies and my Tubi obsessed friends and I can’t stop watching them over and over again. Each film seems better than the last one. ‘Still Here’ is one of the best original movies to hit the Tubi platform.

The audience will totally love the setting of this film and the plot. Famous writer William Law (Charles Malik Whitfield) alledgely accidentally kills his wife Jennifer played by  (Veronika Bozeman) known as  V Bozeman to hr music fans worldwide. Charles is stricken by her beauty and is giving the viewers ‘love at first sight chemistry’; however Jennifer plays hard to get in the beginning and we typically know how that always ends up.

Before we know it, in true NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) style he quickly convinces her to marry him and everything was amazing (until it wasn’t). I can’t tell you how this ends up because you would absolutely have zero reason to watch the film. I will let you in on one little secret. The marriage was perfect until Kaitlyn (LaRita Shelby) enters the picture.

The 11 main amazing cast members are listed below. The entire casting decisions were on point.

  • Charles Malik Whitfield – William Law
  • Veronika Bozeman – Jennifer Law
  • Blue Kimble – Kenny
  • Tanee McCall – Kimberly Stanton
  • Erika Guillory White – Detective Milestone
  • Gary Sturgis – Detective Gary
  • Flex Alexander – Detective Gray
  • Terrell Clayton – Frank
  • LaRita Shelby – Kaitlin
  • Ad Davis – Trevor Staples
  • Alyssa Rachel – Breanna

Upscale with Jonell was able to catch up with Malik Whitfield and V Bozeman the day before the film was released. Please watch this amazing interview and watch ‘Still Here’ on Tubi over and over again. It’s a free app and if you have a ROKU TV or any streaming television the app is more than likely already downloaded.

Malik Whitfield and Veronika Bozeman talk about the new original movie streaming on Tubi released on November 9th, 2023. Their chemistry on camera was authentic and genuine.

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