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Dewanda Wise stars in the new horror thriller ‘Imaginary’


Blumhouse’s new horror thriller ‘Imaginary’ stars DeWanda Wise. DeWanda’s character “Jessica” is a new stepmom who wants to build a bond with her new stepchildren. Unfortunately, she realizes that won’t happen until she fixes her past trauma and deals with her forgotten imaginary friend “Chauncy”.

Photo Credit Parrish Lewis for Lionsgate

In a recent interview with Upscale magazine, Dewanda Wise shares her thoughts on the film and what it was like to be in a thriller movie.

What made you attach yourself to Blumhouse for the film Imaginary?

You know, Blumhouse is the gold standard of horror movies. I knew that not only did I like the script as it was, but there were also very few executives in Hollywood who were also creative execs. So Blumhouse had a hand in it. We had another executive at Blumhouse named Cooper who had a hand in it. James Wan joined, as he came from Atomic Monster. He added to the story in the script a little bit. So it was a real, you know, an actual artistic, collaborative process. You get that with a Blumhouse production.

Photo Credit Parrish Lewis for Lionsgate

What did you like more, the cast or the script?

It was in the script. I will read a script and very selfishly go, “What do I get to do?” I will just read a script and word search my character’s name. And see what I get to do see if you’re trying to waste my time. I also like a role that is challenging on multiple fronts… something I haven’t done before… something that requires a skill that not everyone has. I’m a very emotional human being, as you can tell from the movie. Not every project calls for that. Not every project calls for that level of vulnerability. So I’m always looking for a certain kind of humanity. Like, if I don’t recognize a character as an actual human being, you know, outside of playing like a robot, I don’t need it.

A cultural aspect that the film brings to light in the movie is being a part of a blended family, can you share insight into that?

Photo Credit Parrish Lewis for Lionsgate

Like, okay, I get how is it going to look on screen. But, I need it to be felt in a certain way and need it to be authentic. So this is how the casting came together. Mrs Betty Buckley was in first and then I was in and then we cast the kid “Alice” played by Piper Braun, and whatever background that young actor was going to be, the family was going to be. So whatever whoever the best candidate was for that role, whatever her background was going to be, that was the background we were going to rock with. So we added Teagen Burns to play off of Piper. Tom Payne, which excited me because both the director and I didn’t want it to feel like a Southern Gothic horror movie. So the fact that Tom Payne was from the U.K. and we could add this element of Jessica’s with like a UK white dude was fun. So we just kept adding this kind of organic layer to the story that felt specific and rich. Yes, I think Hollywood is still very segregated and my friend group does not look like that. But, I am more interested in stories that can be diverse organically without announcing themselves, without it being like, look at us, we’re doing it.


Imaginary now playing in theatres nationwide.

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