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According to, 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions but only 8% are actually successful. The trouble with making New Year’s Resolutions is that it is basically a set up for failure. The momentum will fade not long after the ball drops and, eventually, you’ll lose the motivation/discipline needed to fulfill the resolutions in the first place. Want to avoid resolution crash and burn? Here are 10 New Year’s Anti-Resolutions that will change how you live in 2018.

Resolution #1: Lose Weight

Anti-Resolution #1: Forget about the scale and eat mindfully instead. You eat when you’re hungry because your body needs fuel, not because your emotions are in overload. And you choose healthy meals that will fuel your system not fatten it.

Resolution #2: Exercise More And Get Fit

Anti- Resolution #2: No need to run a marathon–just take the stairs and add 30 minutes of walking to your lunch break. Your heart will thank you.

Resolution #3: Save money

Anti- Resolution #3: Stop depriving yourself of self-care splurges and instead forego cable, the gym membership you don’t use and ordering from the take-out menu every night.

Resolution #4: A New Look / Makeover

Anti-Resolution #4: Love yourself for who you are and work on achieving personal goals instead, like launching that business on the side or going back to school. Intrinsic value is not decided by how you look.

Resolution #5: Spend More Time With Family

Anti-Resolution #5: Stop feeling guilty for being busy or not calling and pick up the phone or make a surprise visit. Do not put pressure on yourself to be the “perfect” grandchild or niece.

Resolution #6: Travel More

Anti-Resolution #6: A new place or adventure lies in more places than the expensive-out-of-your-budget trip to Thailand. Set sights on a new space in your neighborhood, workplace, or city.

Resolution #7: Declutter

Anti-Resolution #7: Oh yes, getting organized is a great feat to conquer–but there are so many ways to declutter that do not involve you leading a lifestyle that is not authentic to who you are. You are messy. So lessen the challenge by downloading apps that can help you plan, schedule, prioritize and declutter most aspects of your life.

Resolution #8: Get A New Hobby/ Learn A New Skill

Anti-Resolution #8: Learning Chinese or joining a softball team may sound like a great idea but let’s be honest–after week 3 you’re already pooped and over it. Instead, try sharpening a skill you’ve already learned like riding a bike, or roller skating–once you’ve improved that skill there will be more motivation to actually learn something new.

Resolution #9: Read More

Anti-Resolution #9: Yes, Reading is fundamental and oh-so-important, but instead of force feeding yourself kindle editions of the New York Times Bestsellers, try focusing on re-reading old favorites or classics from before you were born. This may encourage more reading without feeling “the pressure” of actually completing a New Year’s Resolution.

Resolution #10: Be More Spiritually Connected/ Go To Church

Anti-Resolution #10: Let’s be real–after a few Sunday sermons or yoga sessions you may not feel motivated to “feel the spirit” or try a new position when work pressures, family problems or money issues arise. That’s life’s way of distracting you. Instead of making redundant spiritual advancements, try journaling or spending more time outdoors. Connecting with yourself in an atypical way may make more improvements than what seems practical.


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