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Actor Dayo Okeniyi shares why Disney+ “Iwájú” is important for fathers 

Disney+ Iwájú opens your mind up to a society not too far from real life. Where technology cannot only help but also divide a society. Iwájú tells the story of a futuristic black community divided by class and status quo and a young lady named Tola who changes it all. Dayo Okeniyi (Tunde) plays her father a brilliant scientist dedicated to saving the missing kidnapped children in his city. Through all his hard work he forgets and loses sight of the one thing he holds most precious overall, his daughter.

Romeo International: What did you find most captivating to you that pulled you closer to your character and the story?


Dayo Okeniyi: I mean, just the universal experience of growing up in a place where your parents want more for you. You know, I’m an American immigrant. My father’s Nigerian mother was Kenyan. So being able to play a part like this, from my father’s point of view, was interesting because you can understand that they’re from a different time but have the same family goal which is a better life for their child.

My character in the story is a self-made tech billionaire. We show his upbringing and where he came from in order to explain how he arrived at the position he is in. He is somebody who had to hustle and work hard to get to the status he’s in. His goal is to give his daughter everything that he never had growing up. But in doing so, you miss out on a lot of what’s important to you.  You forget that children ultimately just want a present parent. That’s the journey that he has to go on. So playing him gives me an understanding of some of my father’s choices. Eventually, you see the arc of that character as he begins to recognize what is truly important, family. So to me, it’s just the human elements I love.

Iwájú will stream on February 28, 2024, exclusively on Disney+


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