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     When it comes to meeting new people and networking some people struggle with being open to the idea. Renowned author, life coach, and public speaker Sherry Thomas is helping entrepreneurs from around the states do just that. 24 Crowns is a new documentary highlighting women entrepreneurs and their brands as well as allowing each brand owner the opportunity to network with like minds. Recently UPSCALE was able to catch up with the serial business mogul and discuss the new project.

UPSCALE: When it comes to you and being in the trade of life coaching, what made you decide to take that career path? 

SHERRY THOMAS: I’m sure you have heard this before… It chose me. I have always kind of been the go-to person to talk through things, a listening ear and problem solver. So, after many years of operating this gift. I decided to get certified.

UPSCALE: Being able to sit down and listen to other’s issues can be quite the task. When you first started your journey, did you have any doubts? 

SHERRY THOMAS: Having compassion for others takes patience but having the ability to provide the gift of feedback is imperative. After completing the DISC test years ago which is a personality test my D and I were both off the chart with the “I” slightly longer. For me it’s not so much as listening to issues it’s being willing to be honest with individuals who may be stuck… Helping people navigate through life’s challenges.

UPSCALE:  While writing your book 24 Crowns, what were some things you wanted to make sure that you conveyed in the project? 

SHERRY THOMAS: That I want everyone to win in whatever winning looks like for them… not me… providing gems and nuggets to help any individual get to the next level as an entrepreneur or executive.

UPSCALE: Upscale’s audience is all about encouraging and uplifting spirits. When you started the 24 Crowns project, how did you go about selecting the ladies? 

SHERRY THOMAS: Firstly, that’s what I love about your platform. I met a lot of these women years before some from church and some from my successful career in sales. I was a part of a very large and thriving ministry where I was a ministry leader for about 11 years. I asked them to join me in my living room for group coaching sessions tailored for entrepreneurs and executives. Our first meeting started in my living room in 2017. I wanted to do something to feature them to bring light to women who I was in community with along with great respect for the impact they were making in their lives.  I was out for a walk and the lord spoke to me and said you know all of these amazing women bring them together who were leaders in their respective industry. We would meet quarterly. We pray together, we encourage each other, we mentor each other, we coach each other, we hold each other accountable. I wanted to give them a soft place to land because, when you are a leader, You’re often pulled and tugged and tossed to and Froy. I wanted to give them a soft place where they could lay their own burdens down without feeling judged where they could be vulnerable about things leaders and bosses go through.

UPSCALE:  In the production of this project was there ever a moment where you had to reflect on some of your own personal experiences? 

SHERRY THOMAS: Yes, my mother passed away before the end of the production of this project. We had plans on featuring her in the documentary. So having to navigate through that was challenging. However, knowing the impact and lives attached was bigger than me.

UPSCALE:  How do you feel about the term that women of color cannot work together?

SHERRY THOMAS: I think it’s sad. It’s unfortunate that hurts, habits, hang-ups have kept a lot of women from experiencing true sisterhood. I believe being a confident woman and freely giving compliments along with grace keeps guards from going up. And meeting people where they are … of course, everyone may not be ready to receive God’s love but they will from me…lol

UPSCALE: Your documentary features women from all walks of life and sheds light on different brands and businesses that may not have had their moment to shine until now. How did you talk with the ladies before production to make sure that they put their best foot forward? 

SHERRY THOMAS: Great question…These women are amazing professionals who are leaders in their prospective industries. I met with each one before production and we held a couple of groups Zoom calls. Encouraging them that they have everything they need to help the next group of women coming behind them.

UPSCALE: This is a great thing that you are doing, it will increase brand awareness. Are there any additional plans for the near future to venture out to other cities or have speaking engagements? 

SHERRY THOMAS: Yes, I have the third iteration of the journal coming in Q1 featuring couples, and working on the Kings Edition documentary in Feb, and going to the chocolate cities and getting their 24 Crowns… super excited about featuring these amazing individuals who are making a difference in their areas of influence and community.

Upscale readers are you not excited now? If not, you should be. Take this as your sign to attend those networking events. Try engaging with a business bestie, or simply just write down your ideas. You’re building something and now is your chance to be open for all the encouragement there. 



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