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Sure. You have imagined taking an entertaining couples’ only excursion with some of your closest friends and colleagues.  You’ve even envisioned making it a dedicated wine connoisseurs and foodie fans getaway. But it wouldn’t be just any place.  It would be a beautiful, special locale. Well, there is a hidden gem sited right in Texas. Fredericksburg, founded in 1846 by German settlers, is a charming town that hosts tourists from around the world. This is an ideal place for your group to be. It offers all that you’ve dreamed of and more. To experience the best that the city has to offer, plan your very own Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods “culinary adventure”. It will be a wonderful vacation that your group won’t soon forget.

Day One – The Farmhouse B & B

Break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and check into this 2,000 square foot, peaceful and informal farmhouse that dates back to 1910. Sited on more than six acres of gated, tranquil, picturesque land, the property is engulfed in 60 scenic acres of perfect pecan and peach orchards. Go fishing on the lake or just relax in the lawn chair and delight in the fresh air. Enjoy the five airy bedrooms with great views, four baths, family room that’s great for game night, full kitchen and dining room.   The nightly rate is $548.  During your stay, stroll over to charming Main Street and the surrounding area. You’ll find more than 150 specialty shops in the town that encompass Blackchalk Home and Laundry, Champe Jennings Jewelry, Hill Country Outfitter, The Grasshopper, Der Kuchen Laden, Rustlin Robs Texas Gourmet Food, FBG Pecan Company, Chocolat, Clear River Pecan, and of course, Dooleys 5-10 & 25 Store which has been family owned since 1923.

Day Two – Das Peach Haus

Photo Credit: Das Peach Haus

Translated in English, the term Das Peach Haus means The Peach House. Plan to arrive in the a.m. to visit this incredible retail store which sells various award-winning jams, jellies, preserves, soups, meal starters and sauces that are created by Fischer & Weiser Specialty Foods. Built in 1913, the historic building has been impeccably restored and serves as a unique space to allow the couples to leisurely walk about. The delightful samples are quite generous and your group can very well have tasted enough to create a meal by the time that you leave.  Don’t retire to the B & B too soon. So much awaits as you explore the rest of the town. Exciting attractions include Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site, Enchanted Rock, Insight Gallery, Alstadt Brewery, Fredericksburg Brewing Company, National Museum of the Pacific War and Marktplatz. Click here for more information.

Day Three – The Fischer & Wieser Culinary Adventure Cooking School

Photo Credit: Fischer & Wieser Culinary Adventure Cooking SchoolNothing spells F-U-N like a night of great cooking.  You’ll multiply the pleasurable evening with all of the couples in your set by learning to cook new, fascinating dishes that will tempt the palate. Your two-hour class features a four-course dinner with paired wines from the Hill Country. Your customized group adventure can feature global cuisine such as German, Tuscan and New Orleans among others.   Earlier in the day and throughout your stay, dine at these delightful restaurants such as Java Ranch, August E’s, David’s Old Fashioned BBQ, Peach Tree Restaurant, and Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant. A special treat will be visiting the Farm Haus Bistro at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. In addition to the bistro, the property includes lovely, intimate cottages and Nature’s Spa – a quiet oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Day Four – The Wine Tasting Room

Photo Credit: Fischer & Wieser Wine Tasting Room

Since you’ve got a group of 10, relax and enjoy an exclusive, private wine tasting. The perfect venue is a historic 1870’s cabin adjacent to Das Peach Haus.  Your experience is complete with delectable meats, cheeses and, of course, Fischer & Wieser products. You’ll taste 100% Texas dry white, dry red or sweet wines from wineries such as Kuhlman Cellars, 4.0 Cellars, Wedding Oak Winery, Hye Meadow Winery Earlier in the day, visit area wineries Becker Vineyards and Pedernales Cellars. Why not make a day of it? Design your own Wine Enthusiasts Tour and include Grape Creek Vineyards, Pedernales Cellars, Narrow Path Winery and Becker Vineyards.  Click here for more winery information.

Day Five – The Day of Packing and Pairing

Photo Credit: Das Peach Haus

As your group winds down from your retreat, you certainly want to take a taste of Fredericksburg, Texas and Fischer & Wieser home with you. Popular selections include the Smokehouse Bacon Chipotle Sauce paired with dry wine or craft beer, Champagne Honey Mustard paired with oaked white or sparkling wine, Charred Peach Bourbon Sauce paired with Riesling, Blood Orange Cinnamon Preserves paired with Brut Champagne and the Limited Edition Mole-Style Pumpkin & Roasted Garlic Braising Sauce paired with Chardonnay.  Can’t wait to get your award-winning sauces?

Photo Credit: Fischer & Wieser