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Exclusively for Upscale readers, this column reviews the best products, services and brands to get as well as buy and why.

This month’s feature is top social media sites. Whether you wish to promote your business, connect with family and friends or want second-by-second updates on local, national or international affairs, it’s essential that you are wired into this fascinating techie world available on desktops and wireless devices.


Boasting 1.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an ideal site to keep up with the shenanigans of loved ones and promote your burgeoning business. You can upload 60-second videos instantaneously and click live video to loop in your followers. Create a business page to market your new hustle, network with like-minded professionals and get essential information on target audiences.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This is certainly true of this site with 700 million monthly visitors. Post a really great image to express your sentiments to your followers. Whether promoting your biz or connecting with friends, your pic with up to 30 hashtags will engage others and really get the word out. Try the stories ads, carousel ads and video ads for your business.


You too can be a television host with your own branded YouTube channel. With over one billion monthly users, you can quite effectively promote yourself, products and services. Create how-to videos, share information on an upcoming project, have a webinar or host a live seminar. This incoming generating engine allows you to update followers and introduce yourself a new crowd. If more than one person will use the site, create custom branded channels to grow your business.


This platform is designed to advance your career, support your professional aspirations and promote your business. If you choose only one site, this should be it. After all, you should be networking perpetually and honing your skills unendingly. Purchased by Microsoft, it has 500 million registered users. Upload your resume, bio or CV and start linking with others. Your connections provide the names and titles of their connections and you’re off to having access to high profile professionals. Sign up for job notifications to conveniently receive email alerts and easily apply for employment.


Keep it simple clear and concise. In just 140 characters or less, share images, pertinent information and clickable links with followers. With 313 million monthly users, this site is also designed to briefly update users on news, events and reviews of restaurants and such. Pay close attention to your posts. Twitter does not allow edits.



The Consumer Collection Column appears in each issue of Upscale magazine. This article was published in the August 2017 issue. 

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