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This is such a biggie for me as a stylist. Back in cosmetology school I remember the instructor telling us “It starts in the bowl.” That literally was the understatement of my whole career. When I educate my clients about healthy hair care practices, this is the number one starting point, the predecessor to any hair-care routine. In the land of product overload we tend to skip over how important shampoo and conditioners are to the very basis of healthy hair. You can improve your whole journey starting with a good shampoo.

It sounds pretty elementary, shampoos are mostly important because your hair needs to be cleansed properly. Shampoos are formulated to do different jobs, such as shampoo for dreadlocks, shampoos for permed hair, etc.


The first shampoo you need is called a Clarifier. A clarifying shampoo removes buildup, old products salts, oils and environmental toxins from the hair. If you’re the person who slaps coconut oil, curl creams, gels or what have you on your hair every other day. You need this in your life. You probably needed it like yesterday. Even if you take it light with styling products. All hair types need to be clarified.


The next step is a treatment shampoo. This is typically something deemed for individual hair needs. These shampoos are most likely labeled as moisture, volume, color treated or the best shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair.


The shampoo is always followed by a good hydrating conditioner. I typically like to use use a moisture lock conditioner because curly hair is sometimes a little dry.

Let’s talk about it. Unless there’s a zombie apocalypse Armageddon, there’s really no need to put eggs, mayo and other staple food products in your hair these days. Take my professional cosmetologist word for it. There are lots of great industry standard products available for your healthy hair-care journey. Now that you’ve taken shampoo 101, let’s have some great wash days!