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Vanetta Roy
Johnnie Whitt (Opium Restaurant Group) Zada Luby (actress), Zeus Luby (Consultant), Ike(Publicist)

Chicago restauranteur Vanetta Roy brought to fruition her inspiring journey to celebrate the grand opening of Eat My Biscuits. The Chicago native had big dreams of opening her own restaurant in the city of Atlanta.  This required her to leave her immediate family and venture from the cold streets of the SW region to Hotlanta, Georgia; where she has resided for the past three years. After identifying the right real estate broker and Opium restaurant consulting group Vanetta decided on the city with deep southern roots and culture and landed her business on Main Street in the city of East Point.

The Grand Opening brought out plenty of friends and relatives who flew in for this momentous event. There was a live DJ on the outside and the bar was packed on the inside. The waitstaff was busier than ever and the restaurant was flooded with guests. Once patrons flocked into the pink brick wall which had the inscription on the wall “Be ready to risk it for the biscuit,” everyone was surprised to see the former auto parts store converted into a beautiful restaurant. The warm soft appeal and the permeating smell of fresh biscuits that filled the air was giving very comfortable vibes. The signature drink of the day “the screw” was a big hit at the bar.

Learning to cook from her grandmother  while working as a special education teacher, Vanetta Roy always believed that “breakfast doesn’t have to be boring.” If  you think the name of the restaurant “Eat My Biscuits” seems like a play on words, it’s definitely because it was intentional. The founder Vanetta likes to think of herself as a “crazy, sexy, cool” type of woman like the girl band group TLC. The interview below gives more details on why she chose the name and how she feels about her signature biscuits. You will also get to see a bit more of her playful personality.

The highlight of the menu  is of course the deep fried biscuits and the buttered biscuits. A fan favorite of the day seemed to be the mouth watering Hennessy wings, according to several guests. The menu was created by Roy with the help of culinary brothers chef Zerrod Wilks and Zerrick-Rafael Solee. Please follow @eat_mybiscuits on instagram for updates, and restaurant hours.


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