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Celebrity Real Estate Power Couple, Douglas & Dr. Atiya Parson on their Game-Changing
Book, “We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Real Estate and Relationships”


Celebrity realtor and renowned flipping expert, Doug “Bricks” Parson, along with his wife,
realtor, and business partner, Dr. Atiya “Blondie” Parson PhD., are set to release their insightful new book, “We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Relationships and Real Estate,” on December 19th.

With their successful marriage of 25 years, and their impressive portfolio which includes multi-million-dollar properties, with well over 100 homes flipped, Doug and Atiya have worked with the who’s who of celebrity clients including the likes of Love & Hip Hop’s Yung Joc, Safaree, Sierra Gates, and has even collaborated with luminaries such as T.I., Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan, Coach K of Quality Control, and a host of other prominent figures.

With their vast experience in both real estate and marriage, the power couple felt compelled to invite readers behind the curtains of their thriving partnership, offering an intimate view of their journey towards becoming a dynamic duo in the realms of real estate and relationships. The book mirrors the parallels between building and maintaining a dream home and cultivating a successful marriage – emphasizing the need for investment, maintenance, and continual improvement.

UPSCALE had a chance to catch up with the power duo for a candid and transparent
conversation about how the Parsons got into the highly competitive world of real estate, and find out how they nailed the blueprint to sustain a fulfilling marriage.


What made both of you decide to become known as the power couple who took over the real estate game? 
Doug: I first started in the real estate business. So, when Blondie came over, it was like I wanted her to be by my side. I knew she was a super strong person, and I knew she would succeed. As far as us becoming a power couple, I knew when she came over to start selling real estate, it was a no brainer because she thrives in it. And we are the celebrity realtor power couple that everybody loves, and it was just something that we had to do at some point. Our aim is to teach people how to flip houses and then build wealth so that they can leave their family a legacy. We’re aiming to help people who get all this money and don’t know what to do with it, we’re aiming for the hustlers to change their lives, we’re aiming at the people whose grandmother or uncle died, a couple of years ago, and they might have received a check for $60,000.00 and they have no clue what to do with it. So that’s the people we aim at, and we’re aiming for the couples that can bring a lot of love into the relationship with finances. But ultimately, our goal is to teach people how to flip houses and gain wealth. And that’s kind of how we get our fulfillment. It’s past the money at this point. It’s all about changing people’s lives.
Blondie: Like Doug said, he got his license 20 plus years ago, so pretty much I was like his assistant, helping him and I always knew the game just by watching him. I think our biggest flip that we did together was actually the personal home that we live in now. And that’s when I really started seeing the vision, and getting the passion for wanting to get into real estate. Since we started a business together, we have a property management company, it was just a natural transition for us to work in real estate together.


What was the game plane going into flipping houses together? What strategy was used that made you two the power couple we see today? 
Doug: Sometimes I flip alone and sometimes I used to flip with partners. When me and Blondie started really getting into this real estate thing together, it was only right for us to start flipping houses together that way it was all in the family. I didn’t have to go half with a partner per se, that wasn’t my wife. And we work so well together, we were like, ‘okay, let’s put some money to the side,’ and this is what we’re gonna start with. We got our lenders, we got our contractors, and we just kind of just bum rushed to the door. We just love working together. It just made all the sense, it was an easy transition for me versus dealing with other partners than to just deal with my wife; it just made sense. Plus, I always knew she could do things that I couldn’t do, she could touch people I couldn’t touch. I also knew that she could go get us some deals that I normally couldn’t get, just because she’s Blondie so, it works.


Tell me how is it trying to balance working as a team and still keep the love you have for each other afloat regardless of anything? 
Blondie: I would say honestly, at the end of the day, not only do we love each other, but we like each other. I think a lot of times when couples try to work together, they’re just fixated on the marriage thing, but we were friends first. Friends who turned into lovers, we like working with each other. And we’re like minded, we have the same end goal in mind building which is family legacy. Now, of course nothing is perfect–our arguments that might have lasted not talking to each other, a couple of days has turned into a couple hours, because it’s like, ‘hold on honey, we got to get to this money, we got this interview, and we got this stuff to do,’ that we don’t have days left to be mad at each other. So just really trying to figure out each other’s communication style so that we can hash out whatever differences we might have, and then just keep it moving.
Doug: I definitely want to add this though. We knew that we could work together in harmony during COVID. So, when COVID hit, she was at home and I was at home too. We both were working from home. And we really liked working together, basically we were like it could stay COVID because we were so comfortable together. That’s really when we kind of knew that we could definitely work together.


What are some things that you would say a lot of realtors forget to mention when working with their customers? 
Blondie: I would say definitely with the market that we’re in right now with interest rates being so high, one of the things that sometimes agents forget to mention to their clients is that you can find an assumable loan. What that means is if someone already has an interest rate of say, for instance, 3.5%, and their loan is assumable, you can go ahead and get qualified and can slide into their loan. So basically you would have that same 3.5% interest rate.

Doug: Right, that’s why the whole market has slowed down too long, because people are not used to seeing these inflated interest rates. So, a lot of agents absolutely wouldn’t know that you can assume their loan.


Can you both tell me about the first sale that was considered a game changer towards the beginning of your career?
Doug: One of my first game changers for me really was when I started selling to celebrities. It’s been over 20 years, but that check is a little different when you’re used to selling houses that may have been $300,000.00 and then you jump up to multi-million-dollar houses. My first game changer was from a young lady, she was a waist training guru. Her name is Premadonna. When I sold her house years ago, I saw the check that really changed the game. I really started marketing towards high end homes and high-end clients and celebrities. That’s kind of how the whole celebrity thing started.
Blondie: Usually for me, when I work with clients, it’s like face to face. It’s a local thing, or that client is flying in to see the homes. But I actually work with a client who sealed the deal and she never saw the house before, we never even met in person. She was relying a lot on my expertise. I had to go to a different house, take videos and stuff for her and send it to her. And so, for me, that was a game changer because I really had to get to know my clients and what her needs were, otherwise I would have just been running all over the place. So that was a game changer. Because nowadays you are working with clients that are busy. And I do have other clients that I work with that aren’t necessarily in Georgia, but they rely on my expertise though. She loved the home; she turned it into Airbnb.


What are some things that customers should look for when finding the right home for themselves?
Doug: What I will say is they definitely need an agent that’s seasoned. Because they want to find them a house that is actually priced in line with the neighborhood, and they need to make sure that everything is okay with the house. I definitely would say that you need an agent that is seasoned and knows about values. Because in the neighborhood where they got it for, they might get the house for say $200,000.00 but the other houses in the neighborhood are selling for $170,00.00 so you’re willing to pay $30,000 over but your house is just like the houses in the neighborhood. If you don’t have an agent that really knows the market, then you can be in a bad situation and some people will come back saying, ‘well, it’s not gonna pass the appraisal.’ Where if you catch a buyer that got good money, and they just love this house so much, they might overspend on the house, then when they’re trying to sell you in a bad situation, because now you’re upside down $30,000.00. So you need an agent that knows values.


Tell us about your joint book that’s soon to be released on December 19th?
Blondie: Yes, it’s called “Bricks and Blondie, We nailed it! The Blueprint to Real Estate and
Relationships.” It’s not just going to be your ordinary book that’s talking about relationships and things that we’ve gone through in our relationships, there’s a twist to the way that we formatted the book, and I’m so excited for it to be coming out on December 19th.
Doug: The little twist is we use every element of building homes and blueprints, and we kind of infused it into our relationship. When you talk about building a stable relationship, like a foundation for your relationship. Then we also talk about the foundation of the houses and how you have to have that built so the house won’t fall down. This is gonna be the best of both worlds. It’s gonna be like for couples that want to get their relationship tighter, and they  want to make some money at the same time. So, I mean, it’s a win win.


What else can we expect from both of you as we begin to bring in the new year?
Blondie: So, like we said, we have a book that’s coming out. We’re also being shot for a television show right now, a flipping show. Doug and I are being shopped around for that and hopefully that will get locked in.
Doug: We’re working with one of the top producers for reality TV on this show. I don’t want to give the name out, but it is a huge person. This person has shows like 90 Day fiancé, Zombie House Flipping, Deadliest Catch so she is that girl. And basically, she’s just trying to find a home. She’s doing good so far, we just want to take the best deal, but you definitely can be on the lookout for a new flipping show from Bricks and Blondie.

“We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Relationships and Real Estate,” will be available on Amazon
and Barnes & Noble and everywhere books are sold on December 19th.
Follow Bricks & Blondie: @iamrealestate1 @realestatewithblondie

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