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Joel Osteen



“God uses difficulties to move us toward our destiny.”


Joel Osteen, senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, recently released his 10th book titled “Blessed in Darkness.” His powerful, contemporary ministry transcends all cultures. Upscale asked this amazingly insightful, transformational leader to share a few words of encouragement from the new book,  Blessed in the Darkness: How All Things Are Working for Your Good (FaithWords/Hachette Book Group).





Why is it important for individuals to grow through their pain? 

Difficulties will come, and pain is a part of life. My challenge is, don’t just go through it, grow through it. That difficulty is an opportunity to get stronger, to develop character, to gain a greater trust in God. If everything were always easy, we wouldn’t be prepared for our destiny. God knows exactly what you need, when you need it. Every struggle is making you stronger.

How are we being blessed when we are going through hard times? 

If you’ll keep honoring God and being your best, you’re moving toward the purpose God has designed for you.  It’s bigger than you imagine.  It’s more rewarding than you’ve ever dreamed.

How do we maintain a positive outlook in spite of life’s perils? 

We’re not going to understand everything that happens. It’s easy to get discouraged and think, “Why is this happening to me?”  If you’ll keep a positive outlook, God will take your question mark and turn it into exclamation point!

Blessed in Darkness book

What do you most want the reader to take away from this book? 

I want to encourage readers to trust that God is in control. It’s in the dark places that you really grow.  God uses difficulties to move us toward our destiny.  Faith is trusting God when life doesn’t make sense.

A varied version of this article originally appeared in Upscale magazine.